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Get To Know Your Bone Mineral Density (BMD) With Dexascan.

Most Bone Densitometry will focus on your hips and spine.

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Hey my lovelies, how you all doing? I guess fine right? Alright then let’s dig into what we have for today.

Today we will be talking about our health and the main focus is our bones and with that let me introduce you all to DEXASCAN.

What Is Dexascan?

The word DEXA stands for “Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry” so in essence a dexascan is a special type of x-ray that measures bone mineral density(BMD) and it can also be called DXA scan, a bone density scan or a bone densitometry scan and it is mostly performed on the spine, hips or forearm.


A dexascan basically uses modern x-ray technology to ascertain the distribution of lean muscles, fat, water and bone in your body and results from this scan is highly precise and accurate unlike any other body composition measuring equipment’s.

During the dexascan, a low dose of x-ray beams are passed through your body and in that process some radiations absorbs into the body and then the x-ray detector then measures the amount of that radiation that passed through your bones and then sends that information to a computer which will in turn determine how much of your tissue is muscle, fat, water or bone and where it’s all stored.


The dexascan uses a much lower level of radiation than any regular x-ray assessment or evaluation we are used to. This simply means that the radiographer who is the technical specialist carrying out the scan can be in the room with you during the scan and it takes about 7minutes where you’ll be laying flat on the scanning bed. Despite the scan being safe, it is not recommended for pregnant women as the x-rays can damage an unborn child.


*Dexascan are often used to diagnose someone’s risk of osteoporosis(porous bone) which happens when bone density decreases and the body stops producing as much bone as it did before. As the bones become weaker, there is a higher risk of a fracture during a fall or even a fairly minor knock. It can affect both male and female and the risk for developing fractures is determined by age, weight and family/personal history and with that you have to talk to your doctor before scheduling a bone density scan.

* It is more effective than normal x-rays when it comes to identifying low bone mineral density.


1. T- Score: this figure shows your BMD compared to other young adults in the same age bracket at their best health.

* -1 and above: it’s deemed normal score.

* -1 and -2.5: it is classified as osteopenia (low bone mass).

* Below -2.5: it is classified as osteoporosis (extremely low bone mass).

2. Z - Score this figure shows your bone mineral density (BMD), compared to other people in your age group of the same size and gender. If this score is more than 2 standard deviations above or below average, it may indicate a need for further medical tests.

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Ruth Josey said...

This is a really great review of the procedure and a problem all women especially are prone to and should be made aware of. I think we all have a fear of what we're going to be put through when we go in for a procedure, too (I mean, a mammogram is no picnic in the park). Being able to read up on a procedure ahead of time so we know what's going to happen is probably something we should all do. Thanks so much for sharing.


Rach DiMare said...

I actually had to get several of these scans due to my cancer diagnosis!

francesca romana capizzi said...

I never experienced this kind of scan.
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Jessica Broyles said...

Very interesting for sure! Hope you're having a lovely day!

Laura, Illuminate Blog said...

Wow this is really interesting! Thank you for sharing!

jodie filogomo said...

It's amazing that we can get this information now!! My mom has had this done. My time will come soon enough.

glowy shoe said...

You are so right Ruth. Most times it is usually best to have the knowledge. Thanks for reading.

glowy shoe said...

Wow i can only imagine what you going through Rach. My prayers and love goes to you dear.

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I guess there's no harm in reading more on it.

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I sure am.. Thanks for reading.

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It sure is an interesting read. Thanks for reading.

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Knowlede is indeed power...when you do try it out, do share with us.

Paola Lauretano said...

Wow, sounds really interesting!
Kisses, Paola.


Kathrine Eldridge said...

Thanks for sharing this! It's so important to know how healthy our bones are.

glowy shoe said...

It sure is... Thanks for stopping by Paola

glowy shoe said...

Our bones are very important and must take very good care of them.

Fashionbyjeje Welcome to my urban jungle said...

I do not know this scan but it looks fantastic

Missy May said...

This is a great idea and a great way for a healthy lifestyle start. Thank you for sharing. said...

Thanks for reading Miss May said...

It sure does, you can read more on it so as to get acquainted with available locations