Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Classy Jumpsuits and Jeans From Luvyle.

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Hello my lovelies,

How you all doing? I guess the New Year is looking good already right? Well we hope it looks better than ever.

Like I said last year, the New Year, will be a time to have sober reflection in our closets and by that I mean decongest the old so as to bring in the new and classy and with that I will be sharing with you all some of my favourite items from luvyle online store. I know many of you must have heard of them or must have seen previous post I made about their foot wears, whichever the case might be, this store is one store you’ll continuously want to shop from because of their unique items.

As a shopaholic that I am, I will share below some of my favourites clothing items and I know you guys will dig them too. I love the fact that they never cease to stock up on cheap sexy jumpsuits that are not just beautiful but also classy and girly.

1.Off shoulder belt plain short sleeve jumpsuits:

This black jumpsuit is made from cotton and comes in different sizes. The elastic shoulder with the straight/A line shaped body gave the jumpsuit a different twist in the sense that you can dress it up for work and also dress it down for a casual night out

2. Spaghetti strap backless plain sleeveless jumpsuits:

Pink is almost every girl’s favourite colour so now imagine a slightly baggy pink jumpsuit with tank top and very cute casual flip flops taking a stroll or say going to watch a late night movie…hmmm how does that sound? Good right. Well you see with jumpsuits like this, you don’t have to be worried of styling because on its own it’s stylish already. They also stock on cheap casual jeans and below are some that I’m loving.

3. Broken hole print jeans:

I am not really a fan of trousers but this body shaping pencil jeans is the bomb. From the cute and not too shabby cutouts to the flowery prints and then to how well structured it looks on the body, what’s not to love about it?

4. Broken holes plain jeans:

Damm this jeans oozes classy fire. I love the single cutout and the cuffed ankle. So looking for the set of perfect jeans, look no further cause this store gat your back.


Sarah Modeee said...


Amazing !


BagznBagz said...


glowy shoe said...

Yaaaay she's back..

glowy shoe said...

They are really amazing.

Dressed With Soul said...

Yes, the jumpsuits are really beautiful! I think jumpsuits belong to the really versatile pieces in each closet!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Julie Ann Lozada said...

i love the collection of Luvyle... i want to try one of their collection.


Jovem Jornalista said...


Jovem Jornalista

Até mais, Emerson Garcia

D. Raffael said...

When I was younger I always only havd very silly looking ones, so I never really imagined jumpsuit to be to fashionable piece. Until last few years, when I found some really gorgeous long ones! I love that white one on the first photo, it's truly stunning.



Bri said...

Love that white jumpsuit! White always looks so chic and elegant! <3


francesca romana capizzi said...

The black jumpsuit is beyond gorgeous!!!
Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

Carmen Cotugno said...

so nice :)

Len Parent said...

You look so amazing. Thanks for sharing!
Have a great day!
Much love, Len

glowy shoe said...

I totally agree with you.

glowy shoe said...

I also love them and yes you should try them.

glowy shoe said...

Very beautiful

glowy shoe said...

As we get older, some clothing start to look prettier on us.. White is intead beautiful

glowy shoe said...

The black is beautiful but i think i love the white.

glowy shoe said...

Yes they are

glowy shoe said...

You welcome Len.

Darlene said...

If you love to shine and glaze under the sun, then what could be a better idea than wearing a jumpsuit coming in various colors and hues.

BH Cosmetics

glowy shoe said...

I'm already visualizing this scenerio... Jumpsuits are bae.