Friday, 20 April 2018

Learning The Art Of Socks Wearing.

Hiya my lovelies! Happy weekend to everyone.

For today’s post, we will focus on one vital clothing for the feet which is the socks. Let me quickly ask this question: how many of you love wearing socks? If yes, how often do you and if no, what are your reason?

Personally, I love socks a lot not just because I’m a shoe lover therefore I must like everything that’s got to do with the feet…hell to the no ya’ll. First of I’m a sucker for clean feet’s like if every part of my body should be dirty, my feet will never and can never be dirty that’s how real the hustle is and wearing of socks has been my remedy to be honest though sometimes it could get uncomfortable most especially during hot weathers but because I gatta keep ‘em feet’s cute all the time, I wears socks.

This won’t be a lengthy post so that those who do not have the patience of reading lengthy article could easily grab some major pointers.

Wearing of socks is not only important but also very beneficial to the well-being of our feet's. Below are some of the benefits of wearing of socks.

Benefits of wearing socks

1. Prevents hot flashes: wearing of socks is helpful for cooling the core body temperature most times at night.

2. Improve cracked heels: wearing of cotton socks after you moisturize can help keep your heels from drying out thereby keeping it healthy, soft and pretty.

3. Wearing of socks helps in keeping the feet warm during cold day and night

4. Prevents odor: most times during walking, running or even excessive workouts, our feet’s normally generate sweat and if not properly absorbed, the result will be smelly feet and shoes. Wearing of socks helps with the absorption of the sweat and in return prevents unwanted smell.

5. Provide extra cushioning to the feet: our shoe insoles most times gets worn out thereby leaving our feet’s to the mercy of the hard surface which is bad for our health, although replacing the insoles is the ideal thing to do, wearing of socks will provide extra cushioning for the feet thereby preventing it from injuries.

6. Prevents against some foot related diseases: diseases and infections such as athletic foot, callus and fungal are very common for many. Wearing of quality socks can go a long way in preventing it.

7. Acts as indoor footwear: for those who like to walk indoors without footwear, by wearing socks, you can easily reduce the risk and pain caused by walking barefooted. By wearing socks you reduce the danger of stepping on sand particles or even injurious objects.

In all these, these are the don’ts we must adhere to.

1. We must learn to wash our socks before repeating them. This message is for the men most especially who most times repeat their socks more than twice before washing which is really bad and also very harmful to the health. Wearing of unwashed socks causes serious foot odor which is discomforting to you and people around. When you wash your socks, you wash out the sweat of that day thereby leaving it fresh for the next day use. If you as a man is guilty of this, stop it and yes I am speaking to you yes you reading this. If you think you won’t have the strength or time to wash, keep buying lots of cheap socks that you can dispose after each use.

2. Never wear damp socks so as to prevent the growth of fungal. Always allow your socks to dry properly before you wear.

3. wearing of socks should never be alternated for pedicure. socks will only help to keep your pedicured feet's clean.

So there you have it guys....learn to wear socks most especially at night or just around the home.


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