Monday, 30 April 2018

Ladies which Closet will you Prefer?

Sarah Jessica Parker shoes

Hey Ladies!

How ya'll doing? so this is a quick question for us all.... If given then opportunity to get a filled up closet, which of these footwear brands will you opt for?

A. Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) Shoes or

B. Sophia Webster shoes

Let's know your opinions in the comment section and oh for me i would without thinking twice choose Sophia Webster. If you want to know why, head down to the comment section.
Sophia Webster shoes.


Kathrine Eldridge said...

SJP shoes all the way! I have a pair and love them. Amazing collection!

Bonjour Chiara said...

I was at the event where the first pic was shot. The new SJP store is amazing!

Marisa Cavaleiro said...

I love Sara, the second I do not know her, but definitely has a lot more variety.


Jalisa Giron said...

I’d probably say Sophia Webster. Her shoes make for the perfect statement, which allow for you to go basic and casual everywhere and allow for the shoes to be your main focal point. Happy Monday!



Katarina Bašić said...

ohh love it both! but maybe SJP little bit more :D

glowy shoe said...

SJP is a one very cool brand..

glowy shoe said...

Oh really? If I'm not mistaken, that picture is from the Dubai mall store

glowy shoe said...

Don't we all love Sarah's shoes? The second which is Sophia Webster is quite popular too

glowy shoe said...

Yes I love the fact that her shoes are also girly and playful but Sarah's shoe depicts boss lady

glowy shoe said...

I love the both too...but heeyy you can only have one

Nives said...

I'm dreaming about the closet like this one since I was a kid. I hope one day it won't be only a dream!

glowy shoe said...

That dream will definitely come to reality sooner than you yhink

favour moyse said...

I think Sarah Jessica Parker is not versatile unlike Sophia's but l will choose Sophia.

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glowy shoe said...

Sophia it is for you too...