Monday, 13 November 2017

Who is a Lady Without Bags From Zaful.

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Some weeks back, I shared a wish list from Zaful and you all remember I said they are one out of the few online stores around with incredible trendy stuffs, well I got some really cool items from their stores which I will share here.

The Products: while choosing the product, I naturally would have gone for shoes but for now I am still trying to sort out my shoe collections while at that, I am building my handbags profile. I got a cross body black bag with a rhinestone brooch and a fishnet socks.

Shipping: I am based in Nigeria and this is not the first time I will be getting goods sent to me from other countries and most especially from them, but for some reasons I don’t know, this particular order from was not fast but the pro is that it came in a very good condition.

Review of the products:

1. Chain Metal Ring Solid Color Crossbody Bag - Black: wow was my first reaction when I opened the package and saw the bag. Guys I was totally blown away because it was as beautiful as the picture on their website. The features of the bag includes the following: it is a mini size bag, the outer is a very good polyester black leather, which is solid and cannot be easily compressed. It has two inner compartment, the main wide compartment with a small side pocket that can carry your cards and also a less larger compartment. The bag has two large rings that holds the handle that comprises of intertwined long chain and leather with studs. The pro of the bag is that you hold it as a clutch purse if you don't want to carry it as a shoulder bag. The only difficulty i found was with the opening of the lock but overall, i will score it a 4/5 stars.

2. Rhinestone Butterfly Sparkly Brooch - Blue: A brooch is a piece of jewelry fastened to clothing with a hinged pin or clasp. Brooches are very fashionably and can be worn however you want e.g. your dresses, jacket, caps, scarfs, bags shoes etc. This brooch i got comes in a butterfly shape with colorful rhinestones, very light weight and above all beautiful. As you can see I am using mine on my gown and it looks really gorgeous.

3. Fish Mesh Side Bowknot Embellished Ankle Socks - Black: The fishnet ankle socks is my go to socks of the moment and I am loving it. It is silky and fashionable and oh it has a satin bow at the back.

Outfit details: I actually wore this to church yesterday but since i couldn't post yesterday, decided to make it a post for today.

Gown: It was sown
Bag: Zaful
Brooch: Zaful


Cielo said...

Love this! :)

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Adenina Viola said...

Lovely bag dear :)

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Paola Lauretano said...

Amazing dress, you look fab babe!
Kisses, Paola.


Marzia Amaranto said...

Kisses darling
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Jo Rashi said...

Gorgeous look :) Love this post!
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Unknown said...

That bag is so cute! I love the color of it.

Suvarna Gold said...

you look so pretty !!!

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Unknown said...

Your outfit is amazing! And the bag is on point too!

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