Friday, 17 November 2017

Sexual Favors For Designer Shoes.

There are some stories we hear that sounds unbelievable not until it happens to you then one begin to wonder why that.

I’ve heard stories of girls that trade in sexual favors for a pair of designer shoes and those men try to justify their actions by telling you how expensive the price tags are and any girl that knows what she wants, must be able to go for it no matter what.

Mehn after hearing such stories, I was like damn what girl in her right mind will want to trade her pride for a pair of designer shoes no matter the price tag attached to it. I was recently speaking with someone I called a friend, we were catching up and also laughing over so many topics we talked on, then we entered fashion. He was like no one can beat out the love I have for shoes and I laughed but only for him to say what if he gifts me with my favorite designer shoes what will I give or do for him as gratitude? I turned and looked at him and was like boy I will say an heartfelt thank you and he smiled mischievously and then shot me with a shocker statement by saying what of giving me your sweet package and I feigned ignorance and asked him what he meant…. then the dude was like he’s trying to be diplomatic with his words so it won’t come out sounding crude by saying he wants to have sex with me. After he said that, I gave him a knife piercing look and was like is that how much you guys disrespect women? And what on earth gave you the impression you can say shits like this to me? No Glory I didn’t mean it, I was only kidding to see your reaction and I was like dude I don’t roll that way and I don’t want to continue to be friends with someone with such myopic mentality. After so much back and forth, I ended it with him but it hit me that girls actually go down that lane for the luxuries of life. Mehn these things are all vanity and will pass away.

Nothing beats a boss lady with her dignity intact. Though for now I can’t engage in shopping for all my favorite Luxury designer shoes because for now I am a blogger on a budget does not mean I won’t spoil the hell outta myself when the time comes which is soonest.

So Men out there keep your gifts if it’s not with good intentions but if it is with good intentions, hell yeah bring it on because amma rock them to my heart fill.

So ladies have you ever found yourself in this kind of situation.


Ankita Bardhan said...

Wow, I am listening about it for the first time. But thinking about it, yes I can see that happening. Some nerve that guy had haa, but kudos to you for showing him who's he dealing with! Loved the line "nothing beats being a boss lady with your dignity intact" More power to you!

glowy shoe said...

Yes dear it happens a lot and it's due to to the obsession girls have for material things they can't afford on their own thereby giving room to men to use that as a yardstick.. if more girls stand up and work hard to get something for themselves, the less incidents like that will happen

Jyoti said...

This is so true! I love your thoughts :)
Nice post :) Have a great weekend.

FashionRadi said...

Such a weird and uncomfortable situation, but you've handled it so well. I would have done the same thing.

LEN K said...

What I can say is I wanna stand on your side and always be the person who can buy the shoes no matter how expensive or cheep, right??

glowy shoe said...

Thanks darling

glowy shoe said...

It was really uncomfortable and then annoying because he was my friend. But I am glad it’s in the past

glowy shoe said...

Yes I totally concur with you to be the lady that can afford whatever you want whether cheap or expensive