Monday, 23 October 2017

Fringe Sandals From Rosegal are Ever Trendy.

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Some weeks back, I shared my wish list from Rosegal and ya’ll remember I said they are one out of the few online stores around with incredible trendy stuffs.

I recently got contacted by one of their sales representative to do a review for them and some of their products were sent to me.

Choosing the product:

Making a choice of what I wanted was not difficult because first I am a shoe blogger and apart from that, I naturally loves shoes and so immediately I got on their site, I headed straight to their footwear section and saw this cute fringe sandals. Asides the heel, I got a wristwatch and an ankle length fishnet socks. So I will advise that in a situation where you are given the option of choosing whatever you want, go for something you will feel comfortable in.


I am based in Nigeria and this is not the first time I will be getting goods sent to me from other countries, though I was skeptical on how fast their delivery would be, but they didn’t disappoint. I got it in two weeks but can’t say for how long it takes to other countries.

The trio products:

After I opened the well packaged shoe, I was blown away with the Fringe Stiletto Heel Sandals - Red - 39 like it was exactly as it was on their site. I’ve heard and read of stories where people purchase items online and got total opposite of the desired item. The fringe sandals style has been around for a while now and it seems to be at home in most ladies shoe closet and since I didn’t own one, I decided to go for it and went for the red cause I prefer dramatic styles like this in popping but cool colors so that you don’t have to work too much on your clothing’s. More like the shoe will make the statement you desire except you are trying to play it safe, then you can go for black. The shoe features a red suede upper, sandals style, toe fringe detail, lace up style with bell shaped fringe, sling back, and a 4 inches heel height.

I also got a Gear Geometric Steel Band Quartz Watch - Black which is a simple fashion wristwatch that can go with any outfit you choose to wear it on and also a Fish Net Plain Ankle Socks - Black was exactly as displayed and it was really cute.

What I loved about the trio items:

• The fact that the shoe came in suede made me love it more.

• The balance of the shoe was right that walking around in it was so comfortable.

• The height of the heel was very perfect for me and wouldn’t have liked it any lesser.

• The shoe came with a protective film underneath the sole so as to avoid untimely wear off but then again removing it depends on the wearer.

• For me it can be worn in two different ways i.e. with or without the straps and if you want to try without the straps you will have to cut off the straps so as to turn it into a sling back sandals. One you cut it off completely you can’t turn it back.

• It was true to size but will still advice you go for a size up.

The watch: Loved the simple design of the watch

The socks was really wooly and really soft.

What I didn’t like about the products:

As for the shoe, as strange as this may sound it was perfect for me but just one minor.

• No clean finishing: the gum that was used in the finishing was visible though it when worn except you take a closer look at it.

As for the wristwatch, when I saw it online, it looked really cute but looking at it physically on my hands, hmm ………… still does look cute but it is as light as a feather that I won’t be wrong to say it’s weightless.


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Paola Lauretano said...

Amazing sandals, you look fab babe!
Kisses, Paola.


glowy shoe said...

Thanks 🙏

glowy shoe said...

Thanks Paola...

jeanne christine said...

The shoes look great on you! Love how you paired it with the white dress.


loving the shoes girl!

Miriam Zakharova said...

great sandals!!

Nina L Nguyen said...

Loving those heels girl, you look fabulous!
xx- Nina

Courtney Hardy said...

You look gorgeous! I love those shoes.

Nwamaka Ajaegbu said...

I wish you show us more pictures of you going forward. You are foine!!! And your figure? *lips sealed*

The shoes are lovely. Your white dress made them pop. Me likey!

P.s How do you maintain suede shoes? I find it hard to.

glowy shoe said...

Yea the shoes are really beautiful... thanks doll

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Thanks hun

glowy shoe said...

They really are.. Thanks

glowy shoe said...

I love them too.. Thanks dear

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Thanks so much Courtney

glowy shoe said...

Awww thanks mami😘...
As fo maintaining suedes, just get a suede protective spray.. it will help