Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Hey Ladies Come in Here Let's Talk About This.

This question was birthed from a conversation I had with a friend some months back at a wedding…. So the whole scenario looked like this….. My friend wore a beautiful black ankle straps at the event we attended then all of a sudden I saw her on a furry slippers and I was like babes what’s happening? Like I was surprised she didn’t spend up to an hour on her shoes before she changed into slippers….so she quickly became defensive and was like errrrm I’m not like you Glowy that can run around in them strippers kinda heel and with that she meant she’s not like me that can comfortably wear heely shoes around. 

Basically she was not comfortable in her shoes cos she kept complaining on how painful the shoes were and worse of all was that she said she broke her ankle when she was much younger so she hardly wears heels and at that very moment she made that statement I turned at looked at her shoes and it was a freaking 4 inches heel for someone that said she’s having ankle ish….. Like why do you have to suffer your feet just to look good and worse at the detriment of your health? Like who does that? Yeah yeah I know the answer…it’s we freaking ladies.

Well let me throw this little advice open…. In as much as heels are sexy and feminine, never exchange beauty for comfort except you can endure and smile through pains. There are different shoe styles that comes with different heel heights around such as the low heel, mid heel and high heels while we have heel types cone, kitten, prism, puppy, spool or Louis, stiletto, wedge and Viennese.

Know your body and what you know it can tolerate and please stick to it... if you can rock them 4-6 inches heel, baby girl go for it and strut your way up to success but if you know that heel height ain’t for you, I see no reason why should be heading to that lane knowing for a fact that you cannot work them right. I know there are some of us that might want to step outside our comfort zones, well that’s a good thing but take baby steps and by that I mean work with an inch higher than your regular and master it before promoting yourself to another inch higher.

I often hear people say wearing of kitten heels ain’t sexy and don’t flatter your feet… in madea’s voice... Who da hell told you that! There are lots and lots of shoes with kitten heels that are so beautiful that you might be tempted to be a strict follower of them kitten heels but it all depends on finding that beautiful style that would go with you and if you are just like me that is not scared of heights, well who am I to say stop wearing ‘em 4inches heel and more but never forget to work with what you are most comfortable with.
So ladies what is the highest heel you can wear or what heel height do you call playing safe?


Paola Lauretano said...

12cm stiletto heels... of course!
Kisses, Paola.


glowy shoe said...

Yassss 12cm is always bae..

Jiya Nagwan said...

Ya..Near about 12cm..Can't wear higher heels than that..Nice post :) Have a great week ahead..
Bridal blog

glowy shoe said...

I love the fact that you know and stick to what works for you.

Coco Cami said...

Great post, thanks for sharing!

Camille xo

glowy shoe said...

My pleasure

Toks said...

I think the highest heels I have are about 12cms, but I'm really into kitten heels, chunky heels and flats at the moment. Thanks so much for your visit and comment. xoxoxo

Suvarna Gold said...

Thanks for the visit ! Love from Germany

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Carmen Cotugno said...

great tips :)

Gingi Freeman said...

I CANNOT walk in heels, it's kind of insane, lol. Never really learned, and don't care to try! <3 -

glowy shoe said...

I too 12cm is totally ideal for me.. funny enough i've never worn a kitten heel but will love to tho.

glowy shoe said...

You welcome honey

glowy shoe said...


glowy shoe said...

Oh really... i can only imagine.. stick to what is ok for you and never trade comfort for beauty

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