Saturday, 5 August 2017

These Are My Very First Sneakers Can You Believe It.

Hey my's the weekend working out for ya'll? well for me, can't complain because at first it seemed kinda bleak but as the hours advanced into day, the weekend finally became bae..

How good does it get when everyone in your circle knows that you are a shoe it doesn't get any on Friday, i had a visit from a close friend of mine who has been out of the country for while now, as usually after pleasantries and catching up, in as much as i was resisting the urge to ask for goodies, i just didn't know when i blurted the words''what did you come back with specifically for moi 🙈..... yea i know what ya'll thinking......😃... instantly he looked at me and was hmmmm Glory you won't change and everyone busted out laughing but in my mind my fingers were crossed hoping he got some shoes for me and yups i was right cause in less than a minute my friend brought  out a package filled with these three sneakers and some other goodies....

When i saw the sneakers, i paused first then looked at him and he instantly understood the look meaning ''all sneakers no heels or ballerina flats'' 😑😩. then he was my friend I've never seen you on sneakers that's why i purposely got these for you and i know you will look good on them.....then it instantly hit me that he is actually right about me not having no sneakers and these are actually gonna be the first sets of sneakers i will be owning cause mehnn I've been so stereotyped to heels and flats.... the truth is that i don't even know how I've been able to stay away from wearing wedges and sneakers..😒 talk for another day.

So what do you guys think.... should i dabble into sneakers or not.. hopefully i get to share some pictures during the week


Saida - She talks Glam said...

I cannot believe you, woman! Sneakers are the comfiest shoes on earth and they are really trendy right now. My poor feet cannot stand stilettos, so I am really thankful for sneakers and ballerinas, hehehehe. Give them a chance, I promise you won't regret it!

Saida | She talks Glam

Nwamaka Ajaegbu said...

Rock them, Glo! Sneakers are bae. There is absolutely nothing you can't rock with sneakers. My next style post is on sneakers actually.

P.S if you don't want them, I'm interested. :D

glowy shoe said...

Honestly they are really my first... i know they are comfy but feel they don't make you walk in a lady like manner... but i am having a change of heart..

glowy shoe said...

Amaka you are the sneakers lady... i will try to confidently rock them... i just hope i will look good on them