Thursday, 19 November 2015

A$AP Ferg Reveals He Use To Be A Pink Sneaker Obsessed Guy.

Rapper A$AP Ferg  had a one on one talk with FN where he talked about been a sneakehead and his love for kicks.
On why the rapper thinks he's a sneakerhead? Here’s why:

“You could describe me as a sneakerhead. [One time], I waited in a sneaker line for two days, but I was so embarrassed by investing that amount of time and money into something like that,” he told F N.

“Now I don’t actually search for sneakers, but I’ll purchase them whenever I come across a hot pair. My dad used to buy me all the sneakers, so I kind of was raised into the hobby. I love the smell of a brand-new pair of kicks. I love inventive silhouettes, colorways and materials — they elevate my personal style and keep me close to street trends. A good sneaker closet is priceless. During the Cam’ron era in the ’90s, I was heavily influenced by the color pink and what his movement did for streetwear. I was obsessed with a few classic styles in pink at that point.”

But what styles is he favoring currently?

“The Adidas Originals Superstar shell-toes, Stan Smiths and Raf Simons have been dominating my collection lately, but I still have a few pairs of Jordans.”
So girls now you have think the color pink was meant for us, wait till you see some guys rock it then you'll know they can give me ladies a run for their money.



ballop said...

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Angelic Wife said...

Ok seen. Glow good morning, how are you?

glowy shoe said...

Goodmorn dearie...why you appearing and disappearing on me like this?

Alabekee Ola said...

I used to think that only ladies are obsessed with pink colours. Never knew that guys too are!

Chinco bee said...

No pinky anything again......

Biko pink looks feminine jor

Anonymous said...

pink??? am not reallty a fan of pink just started liking it.