Thursday, 10 September 2015

What Ini Edo Should Have Worn On Her Feet..

Ini Edo looked lovely in this beautiful outfit she wore to the premiere of rukky sanda's movie "dark" but the oops thing about her entire outfit was her shoe...who ever styled her,choose the wrong shoes...most times you don't just keep your body for them stylists to perform their magic cos most atimes,they might not give you what you want until you step out and then begin to get critic comments..

Now let's analyse..

she wore an all covered up jumpsuit which had a boot cut legs and such a style cover ups your feet and instead of adding to the stuffed up look, she should have opted for a peep toe or open toe sandals in what ever color she would love but nude, black or metallic gold would have looked better on it.

Wearing an open toe or peep toe, will reveal a little flesh from your feet thereby giving the look a more sexy and endearing appeal.

Am gonna lay out some shoes that i think would have gone better with her outfit.

What she should have worn
Manolo Blahnik Chaos 105 black suede sandal

stuart weitzman ankle strap sandals

Zara knotted high heel sandals

what do you guys think? chip in your suggestions.


Gloria Okaiman said...

The first and the third would have been perfect..

Chinco bee said...

I prefer the last

The one she wore sef, did she feel fly in it? The babe too dey fall hand biko

rae lovefromberlin said...

Love the first pair so much!

Rae | Love from Berlin

CatwalkwithPAT(Please CLICK on my name) said...

lol Glo, everything about her outfit is OFF, that's not a jumpsuit o, its a two piece; crop top on pant. Abeg crop top is not for everyone one na. She should just sack her stylist and get someone else.

favour moyse said...

apart from the shoe... i tink the dress was a bad joself..the breast tube inside was not propperly sowed... that budge tho...


glowy shoe said...

@Gloria: i totally agree with you on this..her shoe was just out of place.

@Chinco bee: i think most of our celebrities have bad stylist for their footwear..they need to take a clue from the hollywood celebrities and put more concentration into the footwear in cases where the feet is gonna be visible

@rae lovefromberlin: yea it would look lovely on her outfit..thanks for stopping by.

@Catwalkwithpat: my dear i thought she was wearing a belt oo..tnx for pointing that out to me....i totally agree with you on her sacking her stylist and getting a new's not all about having them designer shoes, you must also know how to to rock them with an appropriate outfit.

@favour moyse: my dear we can only talk from afar... everyone is a stylist this days..she needs a more credible hand so she wont come out looking like a joke.

Alabekee Ola said...

The Zara knotted high heel sandals is way to go. me like it

uthman saheed said...

Non of the above! These are too high or do you wanna fall her in public?

I don't even like the dress because she looks like African masqurades.

Anonymous said...

uthman got me laughing and i dont wanna laugh.he said exactly what is on my mind.the outfit looks like African masquerade.she no sabi dress at all.i no understand the 250 material she cut and sew.mbonk,me sef wey no be celeb i dey try.

Chinco bee said...

See her mouth" they should concentrate more on footwear " abi? Mummy footwear. Their masquerade outfit nko?

glowy shoe said...

Hehehehe...abeg if they want to wear rag,thats their own..but it will be an offence to treat the foot anyhow

glowy shoe said...

Am telling you..just analysing the outfit now gives it a thumbs down from me...she need shoe stylust like me to come to the

glowy shoe said...

I agree with you...especially in situations where she might not be able to walk comfortably on a slim strap

Mimi Chinonso said...

I prefer the 1st and 3rd on that outfit.