Monday, 22 June 2015

Exclusive: In House Savings For Designer Shoes.

Today's post as you can see from the topic was inspired by a comment from ''bolatito fashina said...
Glowy I will start doing ajo (monthly contributions )from now till December,so I can Louboutin ''

honestly her comment got me thinking ...the truth is that we cannot wait for our favorite designer shoes to come and meet us when we have our legs to go and meet them....and here on this blog we gonna start our campaign to go meet those shoes by saving for it....the beautiful thing about this post is that you will be encouraged to go on knowing that you've got someone plying the same road with you..

So who is in....cos me i am so so in. Everyday we gonna be setting aside some amount of money which will run till December and let's see how much you would have saved by then so we can all go buy our DESIGNER SHOES together...mehnnn the hustle is real ooo.

You can get the fashionable piggy bank or better still enter the market and look for those types they use milo container to
Everyday or once every week, i will bring up a post where we all will state how the savings is going,the challenges you faced, and also chip in words of encouragement.....The responses i get will determine whether i will go with this segment.....Abeg all those wandering discouragers ,*myowninventedenglish* find your square root to another place oooo..

Oya everybody start dropping your money into your piggy banks. or your gongoni's


Lucky Atuanya said...

Savings is really helpfull oo! Nice piece!

Nwamaka Ajaegbu said...

Hahaha. . . nice one! *waves* I'm in for the challenge oooo

naijaflo said...

Nice concept

Gloria Okaimam said...

Lolz glowy you and Bmf ehen.. It's a good one i pray am able to continue..

La Borsa di Martina said...

So cool

ayanbajo ajibike said...

well, i am in too, sounds like a good idea but glowy i caannot keep my money somewhere i knw and not touch it, wen i need money i go destroy piggy bank one

Erniesha Tibs said...

**screaming** I am soooooooo in...I need a lil shoe therapy and then I am in....You know how much I love you mami...buh I need a lil therapy so I don't go rob eh....hehe

Tash Collier said...

Very great!


Boyode fisayomi said...

Me am a "discourager" so am just passing by

Alabekee Ola said...

This is a good idea

miss RedBen said...

First of all how much is the C.L?..

mybeautrip said...


Anonymous said...

Yaaaay! Controversial bmf! Who says it as it is, lolz
I am so in, mine will be monthly sef 10k for a start biko

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