Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Do You Guys Believe The Saying That Shoe Love Is True Love?

Hey GSBFams,, alright sing along with me...
oooooooo my shoe love is my love ,my love is shoe love,nothing can ever take it away cos i've found true love in it.
my shoe love is my love, my love is shoe loveeeee, nothing can take it away cos i've found true love in it.


You guys should not mind me just having a swell day.

Let me make you guys understand something....Love is a beautiful thing and when the cupids hit you,you gat to hold on to it..well don't get it twisted because the true love am talking about here is SHOES...wait did i hear someone sef i will hiss back at you(mstweehhh) you expected me to say true love is with or in a guy   naaah true love lies in shoes can't start to fanthom the feeling and adrelin rush that pops into your face and makes you blush when you see a beautiful and cute shoe staring at you...omgosh that feeling is heavenly..dayummm..hmmm lemme just stop here cos i've started daydreaming and when i daydream like this ehnn,,hmmm odikwa very risky.

Have a lovely day guys..luv ya(half love)
Gimme shoes(plenty love)


Pamela Ugochi Orji said...

She love is half love. lolz. I like shoes shaa, but not inlove yet. Make me pls

glowy shoe said...

@pamela don't worry u've given me

Anonymous said...

U love shoes, but I hardly wear them I like it when I display them on my shoe rack. Lolz

Gloria Okaimam said...

I love shoe to a fault that I can set out to go buy a dress for instance but once I see a good I divert the funds. Sometimes it gets me angry. I want to stop loving shoes.*sadface

glowy shoe said...

@Bolatito...yeah i can relate to that as well..but its all under the category of shoe obssessed just told my story dearie..i'm glad i've found a patner in

naijaflo said...

Lol. I love shoes. I like buying them, wearing is the problem because most times I notice they' re not comfortable after the first two times I wear them. When am buying them they fit perfectly and very comfortable. Maybe you could recommend a tactics of knowing instantly they' ll be comfortable for me cos that' s a big concern for me.

glowy shoe said...

It happens dearie..what i will advice you do is that when ever you get a new shoe, whenever you at home,you can put on the shoe and walk around the house for sometime cos in doing so your feet will get accustomed to the when next you will want to wear it out, you wont have any problem