Tuesday, 24 March 2015

It's Another Giveaway Time Guys...

Ha'yall (in kelly osbourne's voice) lol. aiit guys you know the drill but this time around it's gonna take a new turn. i will list out some questions and you must answer all of them correctly.

Here we go...

1. how many shoe designers do you think i like and what are they?

2. which particular designer shoe is my favorite?

3. i recently stated a new shoe that i love what shoe is it?

4. Name 5 British shoe designer?

5. what is the topic to my 500th & 1000th post?

good luck guys..Lmao

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Peace Nwaokocha said...

I don't have a blog Id,can I still participate?

Avril said...

This one is hard mehn! Lemme goan think and come back

glowy shoe said...

You can participate dear cos you commenting with a blog id..

glowy shoe said...

Lol..Avril naaah i don't expect you to say this..

Avril said...

1. I think you like christian louboutin and guiseppe zannoti. 2.Christian louboutin. 3.Sam Edelman "Aval" sandals. 4.a)Jimmy Choo b)Kurt Geiger c)Alexander McQueen d)Charlotte Olympia e)Manolo Blahnik. 5.No idea

Ngozika Nwiro said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ngozika Nwiro said...

Interesting competition, well done glowyshoes!


glowy shoe said...

Thanks so much..i appreciate

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