Monday, 3 February 2014

shoes off at the doorstep

Shoes off at the door is a very important topic we've got to discuss.. the question here is"is it right or appropriate to remove your shoes before entering someone's house?
This is an open discussion.
Have heard so many versions of response from different individuals on the topic and it all gears to having your shoes removed at the doorstep..
Removing your shoes at the doorstep before entering a home,wasn't a custom that started today,its been around for a long time and i strongly believe it's still gonna be around.
In most african homes,before you enter the home of an individual you must remove your shoes at the doorstep,and in situations whereby its not compulsory to,there is a foot mat waiting for you..the foot mat is kept in other for you to rub out dirts and debris from the sole of your shoes.
Some people go up to the extent of voicing it out saying 'can you please remove your shoes at the doorstep'
Yea we understand the fact that the time and pain you had to go through to vaccum the rug and the strength you putted into bending over to clean or mop the floor,but i think it's not right or appropriate to voice it out so as to avoid unnecessary confrontations. Not everyone has got the wisdom and understanding to know that before you enter their home,your shoes needs to be removed.while some people has got that knowledge deeply rooted in them that whether an environment is clean or tidy,they must remove their shoes.we should learn to overlook some things at times.
Apart from homes we've got some very compulsory places where we need to remove our shoes e.g some places of worship.
In the western world,the reverse is the case.even up to the extent of climbing the bed with worn shoes.
Is this a practise that is still going on, if yes, is it then something we should stop or keep practising?


Alex said...

Surely it is only polite and common sense to take your shoes off at the door.This is especially so if the house has carpets.We expect everyone to remove their shoes. When visiting we take them off.If people don't want cold feet or to walk around barefoot then the solution is simple.Wear slippers!

Salihu Tyabo said...

u definately nid to pull off ur shoes b4 entering 1s house. talkn abt the western world not doing dat u cnt compare there well tared road nd even path ways for pedestrians to our muddy nd dirty walkways. if u can pull off ur shoe b4 entering my house is beta u dnt even com into my house.