Friday, 21 February 2014


From an early stage i loved shoes, i had lots of dress shoes which always match with my stockings and my little handbags courtesy my mom.. I didnt have alot of shoes,but i had enough.

The love for shoes stucked with me until my adulthood.

It is that bad that no matter how important it is for me to get a cloth,and i sight a beautiful pair of shoe,without thinking twice i'll forfeit buying the cloth just for the shoe. There is no stopping me.

My love for shoes has not only grown really large but has also eaten deep into me that i just cant get my eyes off beautiful shoes i see when i go shopping..naah not possible. I buy shoes on impulse whether amma put them on or not,i don't want to know,all i know is that i have to get them.

I could remember an incident that happened sometime ago,i went somewhere,on my way coming back home, i was just about to cross the road,on looking left,i saw some shoes that caught my fancy in a boutique,without thinking twice,i headed right down to the boutique.....and the rest they say is history 'cause i ended up getting 2 beautiful pair of shoes. After coming out of the boutique, i then paused for a while and was like did i actually just do this? Twas really funny...but what can i do, i just cant help it...#puppyface..its SHOES for crying out loud,who wouldn't love them?

Do you have any shoe experience you would love to share? Put it down lets hear it and have fun all boils down to a large famy sharing together.