Saturday, 18 February 2023

Is Gaming your go to Relaxation Activities?

 Hello my lovelies, how you all doing?

Hope so far, the new year is giving the needed vibes and energy that you expect it to give? As for me, the year started out amazingly well and is still going on well and for that, I am truly grateful. 

My lovelies, it's been a while we came in here to gist/talk about something other than footwear and other general topics we get to talk about on most occasion and with that, today's conversation will be centered around that favourite activity(s) you love to engage in at your spare or rather put your relaxation time outside blogging?

There are few persons I know that blogging for them is fun and relaxing that even on their off days, you'll always find them scribbling and dishing out outlines of blog posts while there are others that engage in other fun activities asides blogging during their off days and I happen to fall under the later category because blogging is a lot of work and I kid you not when I say it is extremely tasking.

During my off days, I play a lot of games that I sometimes say to myself if I wasn't stucked on blogging about footwear which is my fetish, i'ld probably be a game blogger but I doubt if I am ready to venture into that just yet so pending when I get the inspiration and motivation, i'ld rather be among those that play games for the fun of it. 

Playing of both offline and online games has always been my thing and I truly find it very therapeutic and I don't hesitate to try out seemingly interesting games I find around. Presently, I have quite a number of game apps stored on my phone and a few online games bookmarked and I hardly find myself getting tired.

I remembered one time I travelled to a particular region and I had to go out for games with friends, the intensity with which I used in playing , was a shocker to my friends and that's because they know me to be somewhat introverted and now seeing me in public jumping and shouting et al was a different movie entirely.............. "I know you all are trying to imagine my personality already 😂 😂 😂"................ well I had to make them understand that when it comes to playing of games, you will see me in the fore-front.

If I try to recall all the games I've played all my life and coins I get to pick, if converted into physical cash, I believe it will be running into millions if not billions 😉

I am always seen where the money is.

money games are the best because it gives you the feeling of you making real money and I truly believe there should be games where you can convert online coins to real cash not like these newbies catfish games we see around today that promises that and in reality it's not case.

So my Lovelies do let me know if gaming is your go to activities during your off days?

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