Thursday, 14 July 2022

How badly did Covid-19 affect the employment and transportation industry

Hello my lovelies, how you all doing? Hope everyone is keeping safe and adhering to all laid down rules and regulations stated by our various health ministries and departments.

So today is one of those days we get to talk about topics outside footwears but it's still ok because no topic is off limit despite being a niche-based blog and it's also very good to stay woke on happenings around us.

The Covid period is one that shook the world to its bones and many are yet to revive or recover from its deadly downtime as we speak, China is still on total lockdown due to the new Covid variant and we hope they can it.

The world at large felt the stinging pangs of Covid-19 and when I say everyone felt the piercing pain, I mean no sector was left out starting from health down to jobs and the daily incomes of millions of people around the world. 

Alot of articles have tried to compare the Covid-19 pandemic period to that of the Great Depression which I believe have some sort of similarities in very few areas where everything was literally on standstill followed by strict containment measures due to how fast the virus was spreading and with that put a substantial brake on most economic and social activities. 

Businesses were no longing selling, offices were forced to retrench workers because they could no longer pay salaries, entry-level jobs were no longer available and those who were able to keep their jobs, had their salaries halved due to the collapse in total hours worked, and the decline in participation.

People were wallowing in serious debts and at the same time figuring out how to swim out of that ocean and were surviving by the day and I can tell you that the travel/transport industry I work with felt the major heat because all airlines were shut down for several months, movements in and out we're halted or do we even want to talk about those who survived solely on this cars as hailing taxis

But despite the disadvantages that came with the pandemic, it rather opened our eyes to so many things which include and are not limited to the following

1. Companionship is of the utmost importance.... the pandemic taught us humanity and how lending a helping hand does not cost a thing.

2. It shone the light on very viable sectors to invest in e.g manufacturing (food) everyone just wanted food to survive daily

3. The gift of Life can not be taken for granted...

4. Proper planning and evaluation.

It's post-Covid even though some countries are still battling it, but for the majority of the countries around, life is gradually getting back to normal and will hopefully bounce back fully.

Were you affected by the pandemic? if yes let us know in the comment section how you were able to bounce back

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