Thursday, 27 January 2022

Ladies do not miss these must have Shoes from Up2step Store.

Hello my lovelies, how are you all doing? Compliments of the season and hope we all are keeping safe and adhering to all laid down regulations set aside by our various health regulatory bodies?

I know we all had an amazing Christmas celebration and without any iota of doubt, I know many are still basking in the season's merriment and down here we call it detty December/new year and without further ado, we will dive right into the business of the day which is footwears.

So how do I begin this intro? *drumrolls* welcome to a season of beautiful feet adorned with cute footwear at all times.

So my lovelies, as you all know when it comes to fashion nothing gets to me all up and excited like my first love which is footwear and today allow me boldly introduce you all to UP2STEP, a footwear store that stocks and sells really cute and chic shoes for every fashion-forward lady.

Rhinestones Bow High Heeled Office Pumps Stilettos Shoes for Women

To be honest right, there's no way you will hop onto their site and not be blown away by all the beautiful girly footwear they have stocked up and not want to leave with even a pair and out of the many beautiful shoe styles that they have, one of my favorite styles is the Bow Heels which I term as the attention seekers in a well put together outfit. 
You can check out this link to see other bow styles:

Party Heels Slide Sandals 2021 Summer Stiletto Mules with Bow

Do you know how pretty and cute pumps with bows look on outfits? be it the bow style on the toe or heel or even the slingback shoe style, bows definitely uplights the look of footwear most especially if it is a plain shoe and if you are a fan of clear mules also, you can check out other pretty and stylish ones here:
2021 Satin Open Toe Stiletto Mules Shoes Pumps with Bow

FLAT SHOES 2021 Bow Dress Flats Pointed Toe Comfortable Flat Shoes

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