Friday, 1 October 2021

Today Nigeria Marks her 61st Independence Day.


My beautiful motherland is 61 today.... 

On the 1st of October 1960 Nigeria got her Independence and ever since then, it's been continuous development upon development. The truth is there is no country or nation without flaws and with the togetherness of the leaders and citizens they try to find a common ground to make things work.

I am proudly Nigerian and would never trade it for anything else........

Do you know how strong, resilient and dogged Nigerians are? Or do you want to talk about the beautiful and amazing citizens you get to meet and interact with everyday or the uncountable finger licking delicacies from all the tribes that makes up Nigeria or the beautiful places around, i could go on and on about my beloved country but that would take up the whole day but with this little i tell you that Nigeria is a place to come visit whenever you are looking for a country to go next on your bucket list.

Happy Independence Day 🇳🇬 and i wish everyone a Happy New Month.

Nigeria the giant if Africa,

Nigeria, God's own country.

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