Friday, 2 April 2021

Glamorous and Trendy Wigs from Uniwigs

Hello my lovelies, how you all doing? Hope you all are keeping safe and practicing the laid down safety measures as given by our various health departments.

So..... moving on, if you are like me who hardly have the time or patience to go under the hands of hair stylists, then this post is for you.

Wigs are the ultimate life savers for we women and it's also amazing that men too are now following suit so as to solve their many hair issues hence the rise in head and beard wigs for men....anyways that's by the way because that will be me digressing from the topic that is centered on us the ladies.

Kendall 18" 200g 3 pieces Halo Human Hair Extensions

I've always been a fan of extensions most especially the red hair extensions for many reasons which are not limited to the following

*I have a very sensitive scalp and our African kinky hair makes it difficult to actually enjoy styling and plaiting your hair

2. Due to the nature of our spongy African hair, once you make your hair, you get lazy to to make another other within a short period hence you see women carry their braided hair for so long

3. My edges are work in progress and constantly meddling with my hair will disrupt it's growth and when that happens,i can't achieve the goal of having to lay a perfectly laid out baby curls(that's so vain right?)

So with the extension which adds length and fullness to our hair, it's very easy and suitable to use because all you have to do is either sew,clip or glue onto your natural hair, then finish it off with your styling brushes,thongs, straighteners or whatever your preference is.

Valentine| Crimson Red Long Straight Lace Front Wig

Apart from extensions wigs are also a go to more for me most especially very cool colored ones like their purple wig which oozes the scent of bougie and royalty. 

I find them to be very glamorous and extremely trendy because they classic and solid and it seems to be the go to of most celebrities thereby making it a bit popular amongst other colours.

Coco| Purple With Pink Highlights Long Wavy Synthetic Wig

One thing to note is that wigs from Uniwigs are one of the best you can get around that adorning them which ranges from straight to curly to short to long, can totally transform you into beautiful diva and as you all know, looking good is good business my ladies.

So what are you waiting for? rush over to their site and check out their arrays to choose from.
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