Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Pullover With a Pair of Cute Boots From Prestarrs.

Hello my lovelies,how you all doing?

Hope you all are keeping safe and adhering to all laid down rules and regulations as advised by our health ministries? We hope to see a quick end to this ravaging pandemic.

So my darlings I don't know about where you are, but for me,down here in my country Nigeria,it's that time of the year where comfortably wear my women's pullover without feeling overdressed or all choked up and that's due to the cold weather we are experiencing right now. As we all know, a pullover is a woolen clothing without buttons that is worn over a shirt in which you pull it over your head to wear it and it's not necessary that you wear over a shirt but can also be worn by its self too with a good pair of jeans or flayed skirt but pleated to be precise because it poses more feminine give for me.

Round Neck Patchwork Color Block Knit Pullover

Pullovers are the new t-shirts that is if you want to look in between dressy and casual without it seeming like you are making so much efforts on your outfits and if you a fan of clothing's like this then you are in luck because prestarrs have got arrays of beautiful designs and colours to suit your fashion taste buds just like this yellow I can't seem to take my eyes off.

Stand-up Collar Fungus Flared Sleeve Knit Pullover

knowing what footwear to wear with your clothing should not really be much of a problem but if in doubt, you can go for cute boots that are not too selective but we Africans most especially we that are from Nigeria, wearing of boots is not our thing at all and with that we would rather go for sneakers which is closer to boots

Plain Chunky High Heeled Velvet Point Toe Outdoor Knee High Heels Boots

So my ladies we should try and be more experimental with our fashion... be abit more daring with materials, colors,styles etc and you won't see that you will automatically become more expressive and don't forget to shop to your heart fill and share your hauls with us.

Plain Round Toe Casual Outdoor High Heels Boots


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