Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Comfortable Hoodies and Sweatshirts from Holapick

Hello my lovelies, how you all doing? Hope you all are still keeping safe and not forgetting to practice all preventive measures as layed out by our health departments.

There is nothing that beats wearing very comfortable outfits be it work clothes, errand running outfits or even home outfits. The goal is to look good and relaxed without having the feeling of been choked that's why I love the feeling that comes from adorning the most comfortable hoodies

Striped Printed Loose Hoody

Hoodies are muff seen onto the nape of a clothing with an attached drawstring to adjust the hood opening for either a tighter or loose grip and they've been around for years that not only are they for sweatshirts alone, but have been incorporated into various outfits.

Hooded Loose Print Long Sleeved Sweatshirt

What many might not know is that there are several advantage of owning and wearing a hoodie and some of them are as follows,

*if you have a bad hair day,

*or if you are in an environment and you want to catch a quick nap, all you need do is flip over your hoodies and tighten the drawstrings and you off to dreamland

*to hide your mess and the list goes on

Cat Print Long Sleeved Sweatshirt

The best part for me is when it comes in sexy sweatshirts which are long sleeved pull over garment that covers the upper body and arms and most especially gives a different vibe on it's own.

sweatshirts are not just work for the winter alone to keep you warm but can also be worn as a heat absorber garment and can also blend in in whatever setting you find yourself be it formal or chill out but I prefer the later though.

Women Leopard Casual Sweatshirt

There is this give that comes with adorning a good sweatshirt on a pair of stilettos, like girlllll that's what we call relaxed bougie.

So my ladies how many is too much? And how do you style yours?

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