Monday, 29 March 2021

Looking for Modest Swimwear? Think Lyra Swimwear

Hello my lovelies, how you all doing and hope you all are staying safe and also adhering to the laid down precautionary measures.

Everyone has got their tastes of what they lean towards when it's comes to fashion and it could either be flesh or non flesh showy kinds of clothes and that can also be related to the swimwear industry where designers, stores and boutiques,seem to stock up on the former.

It's amazing news that now you can shop arrays of modest swimwears without compromising on style and personal beliefs and that's all thanks to great brands like LYRA swimwear that was born out of the founder Ikram Zein struggles with finding swimwears that reflected her not only active lifestyle but most especially her modest lifestyle.


Unearthing modest swimwears that provides not only style but also a high level of coverage and not compromising on comfort has been a battle that has been on for so long thereby leaving women with no choice than to lean towards the conventional swimwears around or cook up a Diy swimwear that literally makes one look like a warrior character drawn out of some battle ground movies which the founder herself suffered thereby pushing her into intensive research,trials, and speaking to women to know and understand what their dilemmas are and what preferences would love to see materialize and all that finally lead to the coming to life of the brand in 2017 which was an answer to prayers to the needs of women with a modest preference in swimwear and still would not want to compromise on style.


The brand offers stylish and functional ready-to-wear swimwears that caters for every woman no matter your background,making you feel feminine with a huge dash of confidence and her designs allows for versatility where you can wear it as a one piece or with the leggings or detachable skirts.

I know alot of people might ask questions like how comfortable are these swimwears and i kid you not when I tell you that they are very comfortable and breathable because they are made from es they are carved out from very high quality, lightweight and fast drying premium Italian carvico fabric, with high UV protection thereby leaving you relaxed at all time be it you wanting to take a walk on by the beach or say lounging on the warm sand or say a quick dash to the store and yes they are made to be worn even in warm weathers too.
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