Saturday, 6 March 2021

Baginning a Home to Quality Women's Handbags.

Hello my lovelies,how you all doing? hope you all are keeping safe as well as adhering to the laid down regulations by our various health departments.

So my darlings as you all know, I am super generous with informations most especially when it has to do with amazing deals and with that I hereby introduce you all to Baginning a store filled with beautiful and trendy bags that will literally make you feel like you in swimming in a vast ocean of water filled with bags.

PVC Top Handle Clear Satchel Bag Clear Beach Handbags

My ladies if there is one type of bag i love so much, it is the clear PVC bags that were a huge trend in 2018 and still very much trendy till this day. Personally, there is something extremely catchy about see through pieces,be it clothes or bags and going through their site, k kid you not when I say you will be left confused on what to choose for they've got vast arrays to pick from.

Women's Black Leather Studded Belt Bags Fanny Pack Rock Waist Bags

Another style of bag I just started loving is the fanny bags otherwise known as the waist pouch. I've never been a fan of this bag style not untill I went for a compulsory one year service and during that time,the waist pouch was the only type of bag that was allowed in camp and using it, you get so used to it that it literally becomes your best friend that even when you go out to bath, eat or even sleep,it is strapped to your waist. so it's so refreshing to see various fancy styles of this bag and knowing that rocking them transform you into a very chic lady and the best outfit for me that works well with this style of bag is the biker shorts paired with a t-shirt on a cute sneaker but if you want to achieve a more sophisticated look, you can actually go for their leather bags that makes you look like a million bucks.

Brown Vintage Leather Handbags Multilayer Satchel Bags For Office Lady

Their bags are super great for that professional office look you want to achieve and then pair it up with a patent leather stilettos,girl you are ready to take on the world 

Make it a date with them and shop to your heart fill.

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