Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Ninacloak Trendy Tops and Sweaters For the Fashion Forward Woman


Hello my lovelies, how you all doing? 

I know we all are gearing up for the Christmas 🎄 and New year holidays 💃which involves lots of catching up with family and close friends and I literally cannot wait. 

As we gradually walk into the new year, it's also that time of the year down here where we have the weather change which is the harmattan season that is characterized by a very cold-dry and dust-laden wind and that calls for proper preparedness and without further ado, let me for the umpteenth time, introduce you to one of my favorite online store Ninacloak

Round Neck Elegant Plain Long Sleeve Knit Pullover sweater

As the title of the post says, we will be looking at the trendy outfits that this store has to offer us and for those who are regular readers of this blog, you would have come accross different posts of this brand and with that, shopping with them would not be an issue. 

The weather down here in my state is so not favorable at all and that's not just about the chilly days and nights, but rather how dusty and hazy it could get which therefore results to annoying Nasal flu and scaly skin. 

60% Off Round Neck Plain Sweaters

One thing I've come to realize is that wearing the right clothing during weather's like this goes a long way to protect the whole body and most especially the skin from any form of breakouts and going through this store, I must confess that I have fallen in love with some of their trendy Sweaters that are not only beautiful but looks super soft and cozy. 

Whether you are looking for that fullness/heavy knit or just the light feathered designs, they've got it all. 

I am a huge fan of casual dressing and going through their tops online, I can't help but wish I could have all their collections to myself. 
I know many of us have those days where we don't feeling like getting all dressed up but rather would want to go for a loose or oversized t-shirts, well look no further because they've got your cravings sorted out. 
Regular Printed Long Sleeve Top*1 Shirts & Blouses
Have you purchased from this store before? What was your experience like and if you haven't, I hope you do and also share your haul post with us. 
Loose Button Long Sleeve Top

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Phuong Mai said...

Nice post! All of these items are so adorable!

Natalia Gutiérrez said...

I love these!!! A good sweater can add so much style and warmth <3



I love the fuzzy, styles. Thanks for sharing.

Cati said...

Amen for comfy smart casuals! Perfect for my online teaching 😍