Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Helloice Double Eleven Global Sale 2020

Hello my lovelies, how you all doing? Hope we all are keeping safe and also gearing up for the holidays.
This post is dedicated to all my jewellery lovelies in the house who are huge fans of not just the regular but also statement pieces that when worn, will leave a long impression on the minds of the onlookers. 

So for the men in the house, the question i will poise to you all is how you do like your jewelleries, do you like them big or you like them small? If you responsed to the latter, don’t go anywhere, sit back and enjoy the arrays of chains for men that you will most definitely fall in love with. 

Helloice 13mm 18K Gold PVD Plated Finish Iced Cuban Link
They are not just manly as the name implies, but also very beautiful and super classy, they are made from the best material available so as to give you that famished product you can be proud of when worn out. 

Wearing of jewelleries is a norm in fashion that can never go extinct so likewise is it in the entertainment industry most especially the music industry we all know is the hub for showcasing the latest chains just like the very popular rapper chain that is undeniable the favourite of most people. 

Helloice Iced Cross&Ankh Pendant Set in Gold
Music videos show them off, the stars who were them have made them so popular that these statement pieces have caused a frenzy and have thereby have found its way into the mainstream fashion that when worn, you actually won’t look weird but rather really good because they are accepted lifestyle.

Helloice 5mm Single Row Tennis Bracelet in White Gold
Though we know having access to the high end jewellers might be difficult but i tell you, with this store, you have unlimited access to their very affordable pieces hip hop jewellery that has seen a rise in acceptance amongst many. Like i said earlier, all their pieces are uniquely made for you so that you can match up with any high end pieces too.

Helloice Iced Fashion Shoes Pendant in Gold

Helloice Fashion Hip-hop Letters Cuban Necklace

Helloice can boost of stocking on some of the best jewellery pieces around. 
So my lovelies, the festive season is here again upon us, do rush to their store to avoid last minute purchases.

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Aliceee Traveler said...

This is such a nice list. I like them all but my favorite is the rapper chain. Thanks for sharing ❤️

Aditi Jain said...

These are amazing Designs

Mia said...

amazing hip hop jewelry, pick the cuban chains


I didn't used to wear gold but now I love it , especially mixing metals. said...

I totally agree with you.... Difficult to make a choice said...

They really are said...

Great choice

Lucía said...

Nice chains!