Thursday, 8 October 2020

Take the Smokeless Route With The Right Snus brand.

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I know many of you all are now getting conversant with Snus as an alternative to smoking or chewing tobacco and I tell you all that it is a good one. One thing we all should know and understand is that no matter the social habits we pick up along the way, we should first guage it's adverse reaction to our health.

Many of you all might be asking what snusbrands are, well am here to enlighten just a bit that snus is the stand-alone product made by various brands all around.

Snus are either smokeless fruity nicotine without tobacco or tobacco without nicotine that comes in very small pouches which are placed in between the upper lips and gum which then melts out into the mouth and then swallowed. 

Wo you see that you don't have to go through the stress of portionibg out the tobacco, having to also position it properly on the You neither have to smoke, chew or even snuff through your nostrils.

They are powdery in nature which allows for the content to melt gradually till the pouch is empty so it's basically like you placing candy in your mouth and without licking it, it slowly melts away.
If you à tobacco smoker, just like cashless policy, be receptive to the idea of also going the smokeless route because it saves you from lots of health hazards. Inhaling of smoke is disastrous to the health and knowing there's an alternative to smoking should be embraced wholeheartedly.
Snus doesn't even concern itself with second-hand smokers because no form of smoke is been emitted and you se that you not just protecting yourself, but also people around you from the toxins that emits from smoking.

Say yes to the smokeless route today so as to save yourself lots of hazards. .

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Clarissa Cabbage said...

Hmmm I haven't heard of these. I definitely agree that smoking is bad, but I'm not sure these would be any safer than chew which also causes cancer.