Friday, 11 September 2020

Ninacloak Home of Great Tops and Vintage Blouses.

Hello my lovelies, how you all doing? As you all know already, I won’t stop asking after each and every one of ya’lls safety because that is paramount. 
So my ladies, as the social life is coming around after months of keeping away due to social distancing, everyone seems to be getting their summer closet revamped with fashionable beauties so as to get back their grooves and you my lovelies, cannot be left behind though I understand that not many of us are trend followers but then again, the idea of indulging in some summer fashion treats, ain’t a bad one and oh speaking of which, have you guys checked out Ninacloack of late?

Printed V-Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Like ladies these store is imprinting all types of mushiness inside of me towards the cute clothing’s they’ve stocked up……………….like just check out some of their tops online, so trendy, simple, comfy and still super duper cool all at the same time. 

As you all know, tops are like the easy to wear clothing for we females most especially at times when we don’t feel the need for any sort of fancied up dressing, all you have to do is grab a top well an oversized top with a pair of shorts and either sneakers or flip-flops and a mini bag and girl you are looking like some fireball and with the vast collections of tops they’ve got, they are sure to leave your taste buds longing for more. 

Cotton And Linen Vintage Print Round Neck Long Sleeve Blouse

And oh ladies we don’t just do regular styles of tops, we take it notch further with vintage blouses that speaks volume.
These blouses are the perfect centerpiece for a show stopping well put together outfit and they work wonders for a quick wardrobe fix. Hurry now and check their carefully selected collections out and oh don’t forget to get me on any ootd post of your purchases.
Round Neck Patch Pocket Stripes Long Sleeve T-Shirts

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Jessica said...

I love this tops. Especially the first one is super cute and is very versatile. I love vintage style so much I will have to check this store out. said...

Oh you should... They've got fantastic clothing.

Sankhamala said...

I love all the tips. They are really awesome!!! said...

Thanks alot.

The Rambling Raccoon said...

Those are so cute! Thanks for sharing!

KitCat said...

These tops are so cute!! Thank you for sharing! :)

Alyssa Hixenbaugh said...

Love the red flower shirt! So cute! Thanks for sharing!

Under Flowery Sky said...

I love the last one, lovely colours..