Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Come Experience a New Shopping World With Feelingirldress.

Hello my lovelies, how you all doing?

Hope you all are keeping safe and most especially observing the necessary precautionary measures put in place. 

So ladies it's a new week and guess what things seems to be getting back to normalcy despite the sadness these past months has brought upon us, no one wants to be saddled with the attached negativity and I personally feel it's a good one to gradually gather up the pieces because in everything we just have to give thanks to God but most especially for the gift of life and to live it out accordingly and with that, it won't be fair of me not to introduce you guys to this fave store of mine where you can comfortably upgrade your wardrobe with stylish clothing from the comfort of your home in light of the social distancing happening almost everywhere…. How super cool does that sound.

Glamorous White Slender Straps Backless Jumpsuits Polka Dot Smooth

As you guys already know, I am always at the fore front for super gorgeous outfits that does justice to my extremely proud curvy body type and yasss I say that without mincing words because I am a sucker for figure hugging clothing cos girl one has to flaunt those well toned figure eight bodies and what better way to adorn them if not with these arrays of beautiful wholesale jumpsuits that you can never go wrong in.

With so many stores stocking up on majorly slim fit type of clothing, it’s so refreshing to see stores like this that have we the curvy/plus sized girls in minds and best of it with really mind blowing outfits that one would not have to worry about doing lots of cloth altering.

Premium Black Flower Printed T-Shirt Round Collar Comforttion

All their clothing stay true to size and comes in various choices of trendy designs, patterns and fabric and oh ladies their blouse wholesale collections that can be paired with any type of bottom are nothing short of amazing just like their oversized t-shirts that I love so much, I tell you that you will definitely find something for your fashion taste buds. A good blouse brings out the life in a complete outfit and with theirs, you can do no wrong.

Loose Fitting Yellow Bodycon Dress Maxi Length Solid Color At Great Prices‎

So my lovelies hurry and choose feelingirldress today and I strongly tell you that you won’t be disappointed because what you order is what you will get at your doorstep and oh look out for their form fitting dresses, they are to die for. I love how they make you look really bourgee, super girly and classy all at the same time

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Hannah said...

wow I love that yellow maxi dress! Thanks for sharing this brand, gonna check the collection out

sgabraki23 said...

Really cute styles love it!