Saturday, 25 July 2020

Get Iced Out With Hello Ice Statement Jewelries.

Hello my Lovelies, how you all doing?

Hope you all are staying safe and also observing the preventive measures set aside by our health organizations so that we can see a quick end to this ravaging pandemic.

My lovelies, I am really thrilled with today’s post because I am a huge fan of statement piece in every aspect of fashion and today the stand out fashion item we shall be talking about are the iced out jewelries which we generally known as the diamond encrusted jewelries from hello ice.

They are called iced out jewelries because the diamond stones literally cover the entire jewelry, making them look like an inexpensive colony of ice cubes yet extremely beautiful, flashy and blingish and with helloice, you are sure of getting a jewelry tailored to your preference.

Helloice Iced Boxing Gloves Pendant in Gold

The hip-hop culture which is a world of showbiz, is synonymous with extreme lavish lifestyle and we see that been portrayed in videos, music, magazines and even Tv shows and we see these artists adorning very large iced out jewelries which has caused a frenzy among their fans, who struggle to imitate them but the only difference is that most of these ice are thousands and million dollars out of their reach but all that changed over time with access to more affordable jewelries.

Helloice 8mm Iced Baguette Bracelet in White Gold

The change in the industry was also felt in the hiphop jewelry market. With the huge rise in the demand, online retailers had to up their game by ensuring their manufacturers not only deliver stylish jewelries, but also that with high quality that meets international standards and apart from that, we have the rapper jewelry that are worn heavily by many famous rap stars and they come in different designs with great amount of stones carved out in grand patterns and unique layouts so that you can have a feel of the high quality iced jewelry which are uniquely made to set you apart from the given at an affordable price.
Helloice Iced Butterfly Pendant

Helloice Iced Drip Letters Pendant in Gold

Helloice Iced Roman Numerals Men's Watch in Rose Gold

Helloice Iced Black Mamba Kobe & GG Memorial Pendant

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Mica said...

What fun blingy statement pieces! thanks for sharing!

Hope that you are having a lovely weekend! It's a quiet one here as it's raining again!

Away From Blue

Alyssa said...

Those are gorgeous!

xx Alyssa | Style Vanity

Mia said...

bling iced out jewelry, thanks for sharing

Beth said...

Love the snake necklance <3 said...

These are so fun!

Sonia Aicha said...

I loveeee the bracelets !!!
great picks,

Antonia said...

Such a beautiful pieces.

Sankhamala said...

I love diamond encrusted jewelry very much..I have a collection of them.

windowtothebeauty said...

Everything looks really fab 🤎🤎 Regards!