Saturday, 27 June 2020

Great Instagram Collaboration

Hello my Lovelies,
Hope we all are staying stay? Endeavor to adhere to your country's safety guidelines so as to not only protect yourself but also your family and friends.

So today's post is on collaboration. I can not over emphasis on the need for collaboration and supporting each other like just like the popular saying, We Rise By Lifting Each other.

So for today's collaboration will be just on Instagram which will involve following each other and supporting with likes and comments and pls the support should not be a one time deal, but rather continious to ensure maximum growth. 

Soonest I will be starting a Facebook support group which is admissible for only serious minded people that will be committed to building the next generation of strong and supportive bloggers.

Please read the rules properly

1.Follow me on Instagram:

2. Comment only your Instagram handles on this post. 

2. When you follow me, indict on my Instagram comment section that you are from my blog so I can follow you back, I will confirm your handle from this post's comment section..

3. Follow and follow back everyone above your comments on this posts. Very important, do not follow to unfollow later. We will soon post a link to the Facebook group so we could manage this better.. If you can, keep refreshing this post to follow more people to stand a chance of more followback.. Indicate on the Instagram comment section those you following that you are from glowyshoe blog to get a quicker followback. 

4. Like a minimum of 15 posts on my page and others you follow

5. Comment on a minimum of 5 posts on mine and others you follow..

6. When all of the above is done, come back to this post and comment done and a link of the private group will be sent to you. 

I stand and girls supporting each other so pls if you know maximum support is not something you can give, then this is not for you cos you can't withhold support and expect to be given. 

So my lovelies are we down with this?
So let's go....... I will be in the comment section... 


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