Thursday, 26 March 2020

Seven Easy Tips to Help You Blend Your Weaves Perfectly

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How to blend natural hair with weave?Or how to weave hair look natural?Weaves are best for adding versatility and a more realistic look.For the hair weave consumers, the most important thing is to make sure your own natural hair blend well with the hair weave.

Weaves are best for adding versatility and a more realistic look.For the hair weave consumers, the most important thing is to make sure your own natural virgin hair blend well with the hair weave.If you can't choose a suitable weave hair for yourself,it will make your wig look unnatural.So how to blend natural hair with weave?Keep reading:

When you are intend to buy sew in weave first time,there are many factors you should consider: the different brands, textures, colors, materials,styles, lengths,and prices! You can buy synthetic hair, 100% human hair, or Remy hair. So, how do you know what hair is best weave for blending natural hair.

1. Take Note of the Texture

If you are going to blend your hair, this is the most important factor of them all. Know the texture of your hair.It's critical to choose a texture that matches the texture of your natural hair; otherwise, the illusion won't work since the extensions don't look like they're growing right out of your scalp. In addition, the weave's texture should complement your physical features for optimal aesthetics.

The texture is one of the main things to consider before buying a weave, as an unsuitable texture can completely ruin your look and make you look tacky.

2.Pay attention the hair material

If you want to get the most realistic look, then you must choose a real human hair, because the hair is made by real hair, so it can blend your hair naturally and won't be found, Besides,100 human hair is very easy to take care of, you can dye or style by yourself, it can last longer than others.Although the price is more expensive than synthetic hair, it can give you a better experience.

3.Choose suitable hair color blending for natural look

Last but not least, if you want to experiment with different hair colors but don't want to make that commitment on your natural, you should only opt for virgin hair weaves. By virgin hair weaves, we mean weaves which are made from human donors' hair and are the best when it comes to durability as chemical-infused can't survive the effects of hair dye.

4.You can twist your hair

Some experts recommend twisting or intertwining your leave out with human hair extensions as a great way to help the hair blend seamlessly "especially if you're wearing a kinkier texture; make sure the ends of your short hair is not sticking out from the extension which could be an easy giveaway to others that you're wearing extensions.

5.Control the edges

One important thing when it comes to blending is in making sure you develop the sleek hairline. It will give you a more professional look. Having a smooth, sleek hairline is like the icing on the cake to a great weave installation. It gives your hair a polished and more professional appearance and can even help to conceal tracks placed around the perimeter of your head.

For many black girl,I think this is very important for them to blend weave with natural hair.

6.Remember to control the flyaway

Virgin hair tends to frizz a bit in humidity, making the separation of your hair extensions and natural hair much more noticeable. Try using silicone based glossifiers to help silken both textures and block humidity from causing frizz.So you can blend natural hair with weave perfectly.

7.Condition the hair

Since you have the leave outs, you will have no choice but to frequently condition the hair. conditioning the hair prevents breakages and dryness. If you maintain the great condition of the hair then it will continue to look its best.

It is important to leave a one-inch perimeter of your Perruque free, If you want to wear a part, leave at least one inch on either side of the part free.

After the extensions are installed, the free areas of your hair can be styled to match the extensions. This results in a seamless blending of the two types of hair.

The length and method of installation are matters of personal preference, and the styles are nearly limitless. Longer lengths offer more styling versatility, but shorter lengths tend to be easier to care for.

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