Thursday, 31 January 2019

Chinese Tea For you, your Premium Chinese Tea store.

Chinese oolong tea

Hello my lovelies,

This post is for all my tea lovers all over, I will be introducing you guys to an online store called Chinese tea for you where you can get variety of traditional Chinese tea and get them shipped down to where ever you are.

I’ve been a fan of Chinese tea from Chinese restaurants in my locations and mostly the Chinese Oolong tea which is their traditional tea that is made from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant which is also the same plant that makes green tea and black tea but the only difference between them all is how they are processed.

Every tea contains certain enzymes which produces a chemical reaction called oxidization and oxidization is what turns green tea into dark black color so in the case of this tea, the leaves are partially oxidize unlike green tea which is not really allowed to so as to still retain its green nature and black tea is allowed to oxidize to the last level.

The oxidization gives the various tea their unique color and taste and it is safe to say the oolong tea is in between green tea and black tea. It contains vitamins, minerals and beneficial antioxidants which helps with regulating one’s sugar level and above all, all round healthy body.

Gone a the days where getting good teas are expensive because you can buy good cheap premium Chinese tea online with all the health benefits still intact.

Another tea is the Yunnan Pu-erh which is a fermented tea produced in the yunnan province in china and the production of this tea involves drying of the leaves, rolling into shapes, fermentation and oxidization. So if you are a fan of traditional Chinese tea, you can check them out for their varieties.
Yunnan Pu-erh tea.


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