Friday, 14 September 2018

Happy Birthday To Me.

I can't keep calm cause it's my birthday....😎i know that sounds too cliche Well won't be penning down no episodes cause right now i'm having mixed emotions 😢 but will just list down just a few things i am grateful for.

First of adding another year is something i am grateful for though no one wants to grow old everyone wants to be forever young😪 but i am super grateful for the gift of life like the popular saying "when there is life,there is hope" so whatever time you have, use it in an impartful way.

It's not been been an easy year, ranging from school stress,heart stress,work stress and other few difficulties along the way but in all i am super grateful i am getting into a happy place which i hope to remain in for a very long time.

I am super grateful for the woman i am gradually mormphing into cause so many events both good and bad this year has played it's role in shaping me into someone better.

I am grateful that despite all the No's, closed doors, business failures, i'm still standing strong and doing somethings right. I am not where i want to be but i am super grateful for where i am right now. I only pray and wish that all my dreams and aspirations come to pass.

Thanks to everyone who has been and is still part of my journey in life and a big thanks to those who have called right from yesterday till this time of the post and till checking up with gifts included(yes i'm vain like that)😀....oh i wish i could invite everyone to my little get together but unfortunately it wont be possible but i hope it happens soonnest.

Happy birthday to me and many happy returns.💃💃


PhotosbyCris Travel Fashion Lifestyle said...

Happy birthday! I hope all your dreams come true sweetie. xoxo Cris said...

Thanks alot, i appreciate