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GSB Exclusive: Interview with UK Based Style Blogger Laurel.

Hiya my lovelies!

For those who have been following my blog from the inception will know it's been a while we had a blog visitor features / exclusive interviews but i promise you all that i will try to bring more of this segment in this we get to know people we admire personally.
For today's exclusive feature, it's the one and only amiable UK based style blogger who is a shoeaholic. Let's read on so you get to know her.

Glowyshoe: Hello Laurel how you today?
Laurel: Hello Glory, I am well thanks!! How are you?

Glowyshoe: Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Laurel: I am a Style Blogger/Brand Ambassador with a background in Styling and Social Media/Marketing. I have a fashion Blog www.lahuntergatherer.com

Glowyshoe: You've got an impeccable fashion style. So what is fashion to you and at what point did you discover your style?
Laurel: Fashion is something that comes and goes with every season. Style however is more permanent. I’ve always had an unconventional style and I more or less discovered it at 16yrs old when I started working after school and could afford to buy my own clothes. I had a voracious appetite for fashion magazines and would always try to find cheaper alternatives to the styles I saw in the magazines that I could mix and match with items in my wardrobe.

Glowyshoe: Glowyshoe blog is all about celebrating and showcasing beautiful shoe styles and trust me you've got a great shoe style. So will you say you a shoe freak? (reasons) 
Laurel: Lol I would say that I am a Shoeaholic. I absolutely love shoes. I always have. I go gaga for a pair of beautiful heels. Whenever I go shopping I always go to the shoe section first even if it’s online shopping.

Glowyshoe: How many shoes do you have in your closet right now?
Laurel: I haven’t actually physically counted them, but at a rough guess I would say approx. 150

Glowyshoe: How old is the oldest shoe in your closet?
Laurel: Probably 20 years old

Glowyshoe: Who is your favourite shoe designer?
Laurel: OOOh That’s a hard one…Lol! Can I choose 2? Sophia Webster and Charlotte Olympia. I have others, but I’ll go with those 2 brands as I have a couple pairs of their shoes

Glowyshoe: What's the highest amount you can spend on shoe shopping?
Laurel: Hahaha! That all depends on how much I love the shoe

Glowyshoe: Do you purchase strictly high-end designer shoes, or you also do street style brands too?
Laurel: I have a mixture of high end designers and also high street brands. My one rule is that I don’t buy cheap shoes. I will buy shoes on sale but not cheap shoes and that is both price and quality
Glowyshoe: What’s your best color?
Laurel: I don’t have one…Lol I have shoes in an array of colours.

Glowyshoe: Can you give us an insight as to how you take care of your shoes?
Laurel: I store them where possible in their boxes or in a storage case. I also do not drive in my shoes as that damages them.

Glowyshoe: Which shoe can you never be caught wearing and which do you feel more comfortable wearing?
Laurel: I will never be caught wearing a pair of kitten heels. I prefer to wear high heels, but they aren’t always the most comfortable.

Glowyshoe: Can you let your friends wear your shoe and can you wear theirs too?
Laurel: No, I don’t wear their shoes and they don’t wear mine. Besides we all wear different sizes….Lol

Glowyshoe: How do you dispose the shoes you no longer have need of?
Laurel: I usually give them away to charity, but only if they are still in good condition. I look after my shoes, so they generally are in good nick.

Glowyshoe: What no of shoes do you think a lady should have if she wants to build a perfect shoe closet?
Laurel: A woman only needs 10 pairs of shoes to have the perfect shoe closet.

Glowyshoe: Any word for Glowyshoe blog?
Laurel: There is absolutely nothing wrong with losing your cool over the perfect pair of shoes

Glowyshoes: Thanks for taking out the time to talk to me any words for shoe lovers out there?
Laurel: Life is short, buy the shoes….Lol


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I liked the interview dear and also the shoes! :D


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The shoes look great.


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Nice interview! This blogger is so interesting :)


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Great interview, amazing shoes... I love them all!
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you have so many cute shoes!!!

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Thanks for reading through and yes she's got an incredible shoe style

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I like her responses, I'm not even close to having 150 pairs of shoes. But she does have fantastic shoes.



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Amo sapatos, adorei as suas resposta.
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She looks stunning.
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These photos are absolutely gorgeous and I'm loving all of the shoes too. Such a fun little interview to read so thanks for sharing!

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This was a great interview!! She has many amazing shoes!


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I think growing to 150 pairs of shoes starts from buying one at a time... Thanks for reading through

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Her fave color is pink and it's gorgeous

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wow she has killer style! www.thebikinifashionista.com

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Fab interview, always interesting to get to know other fella bloggers 😘💞💖


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