Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Have You Gotten Any Gift For Christmas Yet?

Hey my lovelies!

We are officially counting down in days  to Christmas and if you don't know, it's just four days to go and i know many of us are still cracking our brains over what gift we should get our loved ones and truth be told, buying of gifts is usually not the problem but rather what to buy is the issue. Well i am here to give you a simple technique that has worked for me and if applied, i hope it works for you too.

Over the years i had the problem of knowing the suitable gifts to give to loved one's and usually those gifts ends up not been appreciated which was really painful, therefore i decided to change technique and it worked. What i did was that whoever i had in mind to gift anything, before hand i must have studied or done a mental scan of what he or she wants and that is usually done by indirect conversation and with that i was able to know what was needed and at the end of the day, the gift was truly appreciated by the party involved.

In other words for example if it is your best friend you want to gift, instead of going for the regular perfume and what have you kind of gift, have a chat with her or better still study her or him and know what she needs urgently but make sure it is within your financial capability.

In my own case, i have just a handful of people i will be gifting gifts this Christmas which includes my close friends and family but for my best friend in particular there are some essentials I've noticed he needs but has not gotten the time to get them so with that I've gotten an idea of the gift i will be giving him and likewise every other persons.

So my dearies, it's not that difficult all i will advise is lift what your strength can carry all that that matters is the spirit of love you attached to the giving that will go a long way but if you have no one to gift, self love is allowed OK ....just appreciate and gift yourself something.

So what gift do you hope to receive and what gifts are you giving out?


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Fashionably Idu said...

I am open to receive anything this Christmas. Shopping for my colleagues is a challenge but then theres always good old starbucks gift card.

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Nwamaka Onyekachi said...

I think I got happiness as a gift. I've been so on a high lately.

Compliments of the season, Glowy!