Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Shoe Of The Day: Giuseppe Zanotti Design Picard Winter.

 It's been a while i did a shoe of the day post and i am using this beauty as a form of apology.
This is a Giuseppe Zanotti Design Picard Winter sandals and it features Black patent leather upper, wedge style
 Black mink fur
 Sculpted heel
 Leather sole with logo
and also a 105mm (4.2 inch) heel with 10mm (0.4 inch) internal platform

 You can purchase this shoe here


Unknown said...

awsome post...keep posting
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Jo Rashi said...

Nice footwear..Wonderful post dear!
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Unknown said...

amazing shoes!!


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www.glowyshoes.com said...

Thanks dear

www.glowyshoes.com said...

They really are

Gingi said...

WHOA, those shoes are a trip!! Would love to see them in person! - http://www.domesticgeekgirl.com

karyn.pl said...

I love it:)


www.glowyshoes.com said...

Like you knew my thought... They are gorgeous

www.glowyshoes.com said...

I do too