Sunday, 17 September 2017

Happy Sunday To Everyone.

As you all know that today is the beginning of a new week but apart from that, today is a day set aside for us to go worship God and i believe we will all be going to church.

The struggle to find what to wear is real. I normally plan out my outfits for Sundays on Saturdays but for some unexplainable reasons, i didn't and now i am going almost crazy trying on various outfits...arrgghh... Well i know i will definitely find for my shoes, i already planned on putting on a strappy heel which i know will go with whatever clothing i come up with. So guys enough of my semi ranting aii let me turn to ya'll with the question ''what will you be donning to church today?



Favourmoyse Blog said...

I didn't even know until this morning. How are you glowy?


Fashionably Idu said...

I like to go to service on Saturdays. It's quieter with less distraction. The dress code is also toned down way more that Sundays so I just go in jeans. I'm sure you found something fabulous. Care to share? Have a great week darling! said...

Oh Saturdays... wow that's cool... said...

Am good dear and you?