Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Hey guys! I am back to blogging...... Who missed me?

Hiya my lovelies,

I really don't know how to go about this post honestly.....*breathes hard*.... Aii i will start by apologizing for my long absence from the blog without prior warning and i promise i won't run off again. One thing i know for sure is that the blog is here to stay and will not be going anywhere.

So where should i start from...............alright first of all, I've been struggling with a lot of personal issues which has kinda been messing with my emotions and i guess the burden became too heavy on my mind that it was affecting my blogging world which was not impressive. so i then decided to take a break from the blog, to sort myself out and i'm happy to say i'm a bit better although i'm yet to get what i'm looking for but i know my success is not far from reach.

It's been crazy trying to get a decent job in this country called Nigeria despite the hard work but then again i can't relent cos on a lighter mode, I've got my minimum of a 1000 shoes filled closet to build, so if i don't get a good paying job, how shall i go about that?lol...don't mind me....lol...that's me trying to console myself..

As this blogger friend turned sister said in some of the encouragement calls she's made to me, i need not run away from my struggles rather face and fight them cos i will come out stronger and with that i will add a little twist to my blog by sharing a little of my life struggles cos the more i'm open about them, the more the weight of me languishing in self pity will be lifted.

I really didn't plan to say much rather to come say thank you to all my blog visitors for sticking around, to all who reached out to me, God bless ya'll....Now i know i am an important somebody...😀😁. So what did i miss while i was away.... and mehn i need to blogtrotting round my fave blogs.



Paola Lauretano said...

I miss you babe... welcome back!
Kisses, Paola.

blogoratti said...

Feels good to be back, yes? Have a great week and best wishes!

Nequéren Reis said...

Que maximo amei, obrigado pela visita.
Blog: https://arrasandonobatomvermelho.blogspot.com.br/

www.glowyshoes.com said...

Awww thanks Paola... its good to have you here.

www.glowyshoes.com said...

It really does feel good to be back... thanks for stopping by

Patricia said...

Welcome back!
Such a great blog you have here :D


The Pink Elephant Shoe said...

Welcome back dear x

Nwamaka Onyekachi said...

Yay!!! Glowy is back! Missed you gurl!

Too excited!

Can't wait to read the next open-hearted post. The devil gets mad when we use our struggles for God's glory. Babe, keep going, it will end in praise!

www.glowyshoes.com said...

Thanks so much,really appreciate.

www.glowyshoes.com said...

Thanks a bunch hun...xx

www.glowyshoes.com said...

Thanks darling for the encouragement and support... you know i've got love for you..