Thursday, 22 June 2017

Guest Post: Infographic: Maintain your shoes quality with these great tips

Infographic: Cleaning Your Shoes Step by Step

Remember when you bought those shoes you’re wearing and how immaculate they looked on the store shelf? A degree of wear and tear is to be expected, but that’s not to say that the shoes can’t be kept in near-pristine condition long after they were purchased. Through regular polishing, sensible storage and considered usage (i.e. don’t wear the same shoes all day every day), they can be maintained in good nick for at least a year or two. Here’s a step-by-step guide to cleaning your shoes so that they will continue to look their best.

1. Clean your shoes off

Dust, dirt and other stains will have taken residence on your shoes since their last cleaning, so your first step is to get rid of these with a damp cloth. Depending on the nature and severity of stains, you may need to wet the shoes slightly to eliminate these stains. If this is the case, allow them to dry before moving on to the next step.

2. Scrub the welt

Dampen a welt brush (or one with horsehair bristles) and scrub along the entire welt strip.

3. Apply sole-edge dressing

Your shoes may need a sole edge dressing. If so, ensure to apply it carefully so that the uppers are not affected; you don’t want these becoming permanently stained. Allow time for the edge dressing to dry before proceeding.

4. Apply polish

Use a bespoke shoe polishing brush to apply the polish with a circular motion. Don’t try to be conservative with it; the more polish you apply, the likelier it is that the shoes will become cleaner. Once the entire shoe is polished, leave it to dry for at least 15 minutes.

5. Buff with a polishing brush

Finally, buff the entire shoe with a firm polishing brush, applying the buff briskly from side to side. You can achieve additional gleam by holding the shoe between your knees and buffing it vigorously with a lint-free cloth.

Paula Casey.
For further reading on the cleaning and polishing of shoes, here’s an infographic from Walsh Brothers Shoes (


Fashionably Idu said...

Great tips girl. I need to start taking better care of my shoes.

Benita James said...

Great and detailed tips. Thanks for sharing.

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Dressed With Soul said...

I like this post because I always try absolutely care of my shoes. I think shoes can tell a lot about the person who wears them :)
xx Rena

Miguel Gouveia said...

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Nice tips my dear. All sounds fantastic and super useful :D

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glowy shoe said...

Thanks dear... we all really need to care for our shoes properly

Nwamaka Ajaegbu said...

These are really great tips. Thank you. I can pride on myself on taking care of my shoes since most of them are hand-made (Aba-made). Lol. I only have issues with my suede shoes. After few times of wearing them, they wear out no matter how much I try.

leXHansplaCE said...

all amazing tips, not many will know of these but reading through here is first class info for me so its worth a try too. See 5 things you should do to make your blog visitors keep coming back for more