Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Re-post: How to Care For Your Shoes During The Heat Period.

Hiya my Lovelies....

Am so not in the right frame of mind...mehn the heat is playing with my senses and emotions and it's not funny at all. I wish i can practically walk around OK scratch that... i wish the cold can come back in full force sef...arrrgghh..

So i did a post last year on how to care for your shoes during the heat period and they are pretty useful tips which i had no choice but to re-post.

So we all know we facing the heat period and mehn most of us especially me ain't finding it funny at so when faced with this problem, one thing that comes to mind apart from taking care of our body is our shoes.

We should note that our shoes are to be potected from heat and sunlight so as not to damage their life span. i will just list out a few things we should do to preserve our shoes in this period.

1. Keep your shoes away from sunlight and heat souurce

2. Store your shoes in an airy environment. e.g make sure there is free flow of air in between your shoes say make sure the breeze from either your air-conditioner or fan can touch it and don't jam-pack your shoes together.

3. Before you wear your shoes, make sure you spray the insole of your shoe and also your feet first and if you can't lay your hand on a foot spray, your regular deodorant can work the magic. in so doing, the smell that will emit from your shoes will reduce thereby cutting short your every day washing.

4. When ever you go out and come in, normally it will be said for you to put your shoes under sunlight to reduce the smell, but this time around since we in the heat period, it's better to keep your shoes in a cool place outside so that the fresh air will soak it up combined with the fact that there will still be traces of your deodorant scent.

5. Guys always wear a stocks to go with any shoe you wearing aside sandals and flips.(always spray your socks too).

6. Always have the various leather spray for your shoes e.g, suede spray and so on its better than using water and if you must use water to clean your shoes, squeeze out the water from the rag properly before using it on your shoes.

7. Make sure your shoes are dry always so as to avoid bacteria/fungi that thrive in moist area thereby causing foot problems

This is just my own little routine that i practice that works for me so what is the essence of having something hat works for you and you won't share? so with this few pointers, i hope it will help you in protecting your shoes more during this period.

But if you have other things you practice, don't hesitate to share them with us.




cocojeans said...

The temperature has been very high in Portugal too. Is difficult the body adapt to this drastic change! xx
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Ice Goddhez Blog said...

Cool tips for shoe care :)

♥ Chai Chen ♥ @chenmeicai

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Really? I can only imagine how hot it would be.. it's really discomforting said...

Thanks dearie..

angieporelmundo said...

unos zapatos muy bonitos

Home Chic Club said...

Very interesting dear! xoxo
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Miguel Gouveia said...

Thanks a lot :D

I'm totally agree!

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Paola Lauretano said...

Great tips, thanks for sharing!
Kisses, Paola.

Gina Beltrami said...

great! thanks for sharing!
xoxo Gina

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meghan silva said...

These are some awesome tips. Thanks for sharing!

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glamorous without the guilt said...

Hi dear thanks for your follow ... I am following you back

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Unknown said...

I have never thought about the stress heat can put on shoes. I know it sure tears me up. As for you walking around naked, one strong vote yes here ;)

All Things Bright and Lovely said...

Heat and our shoes 👠 are really not friends and we try as mych as possible to put tgem from crossing each other's pathway..
Hahahaha @ one strong vote yes as regards me walking naked..naah wouldn't do that so i can be seen as a sane human.. thanks for stopping by dear. said...

You welcome said...

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I am glad you do.. thanks dear said...

Thanks dear said...

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