Friday, 10 March 2017

Factory Producing fake yeezy boost sneakers busted.

The hustle

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The hustle for Yeezy boost is real...Lol.. According to Instagram user @fake_education, here is a factory in china producing fake and counterfeit Yeezy boost sneakers.

Down here is Nigeria, we know china as a country where fake stuffs are produced but the truth is that it's what your want that will be made for you and not every product there are fake if not they will not be the country with one of the largest economy.

I bet ya'll even most of them designer stuffs are produced there but tho under very strict guidelines. so if the demand for Yeezy boost is high, Kanye west's has got to do something about it if not factories like this will keep thriving in business. I don't really dig replicas with same brand name rather it's better a brand copy's same design while it carries their own brand.

Speaking of which am yet to lay my hand on Kanye West yeezy boost ...mehnn so in love with that sneakers...Yeezy baby come to my aid.😁
A post shared by Connected (@fake_education) on

A post shared by Connected (@fake_education) on

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Stephanie said...

What is the exact source?
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Confessions of a makeup shopaholic (: said...

Oh that's too bad, there are so many fakes out there for every single product it seems like. said...

I totally agree with.. Almost every designer product out there usually have a fake.. I'ld rather prefer buying a similar design with a different brand name than buying the fake of a designer product. said...

The source is in the video up👆

Miguel Gouveia said...

Thanks a lot :D

Ohn :/ This is not great dear :s

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Suvarna Gold said...

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BEAUTYEDITER.COM – Beauty Blog said...

Such a nice post!


Dressed With Soul said...

Absolutely true ... neary each design piece has a fake ... Thanks for sharing!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena said...

I guess thats one problem designers are tackling with..its crazy how designer fakes are everywhere.

alamode said...

Wonderful and perfect! I follow you blog, please follow me too.

Favourmoyse Blog said...

I also need a yeezy too

10 must haves items when travelling for a business trip said...

My dear its not only you.. Hopefully we shall have one