Sunday, 15 January 2017

Sunday Inspiration: Tory Burch Blossom Leather Espadrille Flat.

Aww this is so perfect for today's footwear to church.. who says you can't look stylish to church huh? I don't know if it's just me, or is any other person noticing the first that Tory Burch is now dishing out much more stylish foot wears and oh if you don't believe, check out some styles we've talked about in previous posts here

This is a Tory Burch Blossom Leather Espadrille Flat and perfect for 'em non heels lovers.Speaking of espadrilles, i don't own one but hope to soonest cos now am so ready to venture out into other styles of shoes cos am done been stereotyped ...i don't need to explain further cos ya'll know the most popular stereotyped footwear..

You can also tell us the footwear you wore to church today.

This espadrille is also available in other colors so pick your poison.

This shoe can be purchased here for $225.


Unknown said...

Nice post dear .
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Jovana Del said...

I love these flats! Especially the white ones. :) i'm following you, please follow back♥ (new post)