Saturday, 7 January 2017

New Year and Shoe Shopping...

Hiya my lovelies....

Today am gonna be asking an important question... So we all know this is a brand new year and we in the 7th day of the year therefore the year is still fresh.

I was gisting with my bff some days back and i was like mehn i need some shoes in my life and he was it's too early to be talking about that.😞..hold up mister✋ don't come any closer, back off you don't say that to a shoe addict because everyday is perfect for shoe shopping. To him,if i want to engage in any shoe shopping spree, i should do it towards say the second or third month and that is so not me...cos i know the periods i had panic attacks over not been able to shop for shoes for some month last year...So hell no mister this year is practically to shop for shoes and that been said am expecting some shoe deilveries which i will rock for ya'll to see😜

So to my fellow shoe lovers, is the year too early for you to engage in shoe shopping?



Sparkles of Light said...

It's never too early, I started my show shopping today haha.

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Nwamaka Onyekachi said...

Hey sweetie! Expecting deliveries already? Mehn,I envy you a little. Lol. Happy shoe shopping oh!

I don't see me shoe shopping until Februray tho. I guess I'm not even close to a shoe addict. said...

Hehehe my heading is swelling.. My dear i was prevented from shopping for shoes last year, so i practically had to break free.. February is not that far... Hope to see a pix of your new shoe😘

Sauniya said...

haha A year to shop for shoes :P.
I love shoes too. I think if you're not neglecting any other priorities it's the perfect time for a new pair of shoes :)
Have a great week ahead dear :)
Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡