Friday, 6 January 2017

How to Care For Your Feet During The Harmattan Season.

Hey my lovelies...

So sorry for not posting yesterday....making time to blog everyday is part of my new year's resolution and i am determined to stick to it.

So as you all know, we are already in the harmattan season but for my non Nigerian readers, the harmattan season is also known as the dry season and down here in the north were i say, it's cold and really dusty which is annoying because of the bodily hazards involved ranging from bleeding nose to chapped or cracked foot otherwise known as tear tear

In this kind of weather, we are supposed to make sure we prepare to take care of our feet properly so it won't look disgusting to on lookers especially as a girl. For me personally i do the following so as to keep maintaining a smooth and soft foot.

1. Pedicure:

This is what am referring to as a cracked heel...oh geez not good to look at i know... so this typical example of the cracked foot is what you get to see down here in the north this season...though my feet have and will not get to this, does not mean i won't take care of them.. I make sure to pedicure my feet at least three times a week that's apart from the normal brushing of my feet when I bath and trust me it has helped me a lot.( In subsequent post, I will make a DIY  post of my simple pedicure sessions.)

2. Rubbing of Petroleum Jelly.

After my pedicure session, the next thing I do is to rub in petroleum jelly on my feet or any good body oil I have so as to soften and smoothen my feet a bit. There is a particular jelly i got introduced to which i will share in subsequent post. When rubbing in the oil, make sure to massage your feet properly so your feet can be well moisture.

3. Wearing of Socks.
Oh I don't joke with this part... Am always on socks 24/7 of the day. Even when we haven't entered the cold season, whenever I pedicure and oil my feet, the next thing i do is to put on a socks...I do this so as to retain the moisture on my feet so as to guarantee a long lasting protection for my feet and apart from that, to keep my feet clean all day long.
I love socks a lot that I practically buy at least one socks every time I go out.. I have them in different cool colors.

If you can't wear a socks in your heels to go out, you can opt for a panty hose.

This is the foot regime for yours truly(Glowyshoes)


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