Friday, 18 November 2016

Sneaker Alert: Check Out This New Adidas Ultra Boost Sneakers That Will Be Released In 2017.

Adidas Ultra Boost in gold.

2017 ain't ready yet because the sneaker industry will be firing up hot designs back to back with to mercy at So to all my sneaker heads in the house,if you have been a huge fan of the Adidas ultra boost sneakers,this news is for you. Adidas will be releasing these cute ultra boost sneakers to the general public in 2017 so keep your ears on this blog cos we gonna inform ya'll when it is time..

Speaking of sneakers...i just checked my shoe closet and released i don't have running shoes like these ones ooo...mehn i need to start investing on very good sneakers maybe i think it's beacuse am not much of a sneaker fan but when it comes to the yeezy boost sneakers, ayam in the fore slacking behind😊😸

So the question now is ...Are you lacking Sneakers in your collections?
 Adidas Ultra Boost in burgundry.

 Adidas Ultra Boost in blue and orange.

 Adidas Ultra Boost in blue .

 Adidas Ultra Boost in grey

 Adidas Ultra Boost in taupe.

Photos: Footwearnews.


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Jelena said...

Beautiful post darling!

Would you like to follow each other? I've just followed you, hope to see you soon on my blog <3


Minhal Taher said...

Adidas honestly has one of the best shoes! They're stylish and oh so comfortable. Great post and thanks for sharing :)

gozdeninevi said...

I follow the blog :) kiss

Aleksandrija said...

Great post.♥

I am a member of your blog if you want returned:

BagsnBags said...

Waiting for them

Sauniya said...

I like the look. They seem really comfortable. I need new sneakers too.
Tanks for sharing :)
Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡