Friday, 4 November 2016

How Has the Recession Affected Your Buying Of Shoes..

Before i start this post, permit me to laugh out abit...hahahahahaha...don't mind me am such a nut case. This post was inspired by a conversation i had with a friend of mine and honestly after she made the playful comment, i just couldn't help but make a post out of it cos i felt some people can relate to it.

So it's no longer news that my darling country Nigeria is experiencing recession and it's hitting in really hard. Things one could easily get at a cheap rate before, has now skyrocked heavily and it's really alarming.

Am a choclate addict (am tryna reduce my intake tho) so lastweek, i decided to go out with my bestfriend for a little shopping and in my normal manner, i quickly walked down to the chocolate shelf and immediately stopped dead on my tracks when i saw the pricetag... the normal sneakers, mars, bounty and co we usually get for ₦100- ₦150 is now selling for ₦250 - ₦300 anad i was like so intead of me to get 6pieces at 1000, i will now be geting either 4 or 2 pieces at the same 1000 mstweeh abeg i shifted front but was muttering to myself that i can survive without chocolate jare.

So coming back to the discussion i had with my friend, she said hmm glowyshoes i have stopped buying shoes with the way this recession is.... oh boy when she said it, i laughed really hard cos the truth is that the recession is also now affecting my buying too. I came across a shoe i liked, normally converted to Nigerian currency, you'll get it for like 15k max but when the lady gave me the Buhari price hmmm i instantly told her she should biko keep her shoe i have not finished putting on the one's i have at home and the truth is that i've got lots of shoes i've never worn and i seriously don't why..

I know of some very good shoe sellers that are closing up business because of this recession. People are not ready to part with their money anymore cos of the inflated price mehn it's that crazy. just imagine a shoe you normally get for like 5k, now that same shoe will cost you 15k and the sellers will back it up by telling you that as the dollar rate is rising, so is the price of the goods.

It's good to buy shoes yh but with the way the recession is going, i will rather save that money for when the recession will end so that it will make much more sense but that doesn't mean if i see an extremely gorgeous shoe i won't buy...that's why i said extremely cos for me to part away with my money in this Buhari era chaii that shoe must be worth every inch of the said price.loool

And that been said let's know your thoughts in the comment section... In recession time like this, will you still splurge on shoes?



Let's talk about everything said...

Very insightful!!! :)

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BagsnBags said...

For where? I d mad?Imagine monkey,d beg me for banana dz period? Who dem c 4 Congo? No be drink we d drink water again oooo,na chew now.Glowy u even still sabi where Choco" shop dey, ������

Paola Lauretano said...

I'm a shoes-Addict and it's very difficult in this recession time!
Kisses, Paola.
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interesting post :)
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