Friday, 25 November 2016

Guest Post: “Your Perfect Shoe”

The Shoes we wear define you. For some they are a style statement, for some they are simply passion and for many of them they are just a tool to protect their legs. Whatever the case be, they are still our companions on every path of life.

Shoes come in different shapes, sizes, styles, patterns, etc. And not all shoes have the same characteristics. But there are few common characteristics which, if we look into, can help us select shoes which are not only stylish, but at the same time very much comfortable too.

There are a number of factors which you should consider while picking your shoes. These factors will assist you in taking the right decision for selecting these shoes. You should be careful to choose shoes which offer the right support, the right kind of padding, construction materials and slip resistant soles. Considering these factors will surely help you in the long run as you will be protected from severe injuries while standing entire day and night.

Slip Resistant Soles

If your job requires you to stand throughout the day for working, it is a prerequisite that you should choose the right footwear. Slipping happens to be one of the most common problems, one may encounter while standing on the feet across the day. You should make sure to purchase a shoe with slip resistant sole which will render comfort to you. These shoes can also bestow protection to you from various danger at the workplace. If your job place has heavy equipment that can fall on you, you should strictly look for a shoe with the slip resistant sole. The special rubber in these shoes will help you in staying secure on the ground. Thus, these shoes can help you in standing on the feet for a longer time duration.

The Right Construction Materials

It is paramount that the shoes should have the right constructing materials. It is recommended to purchase a shoe with genuine leather as these materials are considered to be great for people standing all day.

Shoes of Genuine Leather

Genuine leather counts to be one of the most reliable clothing material for people who stand all day for hundred of years. Shoes made of these materials have stood the test of time and they are known to be the most sturdy materials. These shoes stand second to none when it comes to comfortability. Genuine leather plays an integral role in keeping your feet stretched. These shoes have the best durability for years and confer protection to your feet from excess sweating.

Synthetic and Rubber Materials

Synthetic leather along with rubber is considered to be one of the most popular materials. It is the best option for people who are not willing to use animal products. Materials of synthetic and rubber construction will render protection to your feet if you are working in a place where feet may get dirty at ease. The shoes comprised of these materials are also preferred owing to their higher durability.

Arch and Heel Support

If you are looking for a shoe for standing all day, you should make sure that the shoes should have the right kind of arch and heel support. You should buy a shoe that comes with heel-to-toe differential. These shoes are much better in comparison to shoes with barefoot style. Since the barefoot shoes do not come with raised heel, it may place huge tension on the feet while standing and thus create several problems for you. It is integral that the shoes should have the right amount of arch support for keeping feet strong across the day.


Padding is another important factor you should consider while buying the shoes for standing through the day. The right amount of padding will confer protection and comfort to the feet.

Low Heels

It goes without saying that shoes that come with heels are not good for people standing all day. These shoes are highly uncomfortable and may lead to severe pain. Hence, it is advisable to purchase shoes with low or no heels.


Standing all day is really hassle some. Hence, it is integral that you should purchase shoes that will support your feet. It is best to wear shoes that come with cushioning. Hence, it is required to wear shoes of supreme quality that come along with a good midsole. The midsole is the part of sole amidst the insole and outer sole. Avoid cheap shoes as they do not have a good quality of midsoles. They are of low durability and will not impart decent support to you as well.


If you need to stand all day for your job, it is recommended that you should purchase a good pair of insoles. These shoes are certainly best for people suffering from plantar fasciitis. The custom made insoles do not fit perfectly every time. However, if you are capable of fitting them in a perfect way, they will assist in healing feet at a faster rate.


Working in retail stores, hospitals, and production floor require you standing throughout the day. You need to walk frequently during working hours as well. Thus, it is a must to choose shoes that are lighter in weight. You should never walk wearing heavier shoes during work. Light weight shoes can render the best comfort to you while walking.



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