Saturday, 29 October 2016

Nigerian Owned Italian Luxury Shoe, Designs Larger Footwear For Men.

Chai our Nigerians be making us proud legitimately in the abroad since Now all ye men that we be saying you are a sie 45, 46,47 or even size 50, don't worry ya heads too much because a son of the soil who knows what the Umu nwoke's do go through, have decided to bring to nought that big feet no perfect shoe ordel via his Italian Luxury Brand Tucci Polo. When ye hear Luxury, you should know that it is Ego(money) that will speak for you..loool

Footwear Designer Tochukwu Mbiamnozie, (He should be from Imo state...i think ayam correct) who launched his men’s and women’s luxury direct-to-consumer online business, TucciPolo, just last year, is now offering men’s styles for hard-to-fit feet.

TucciPolo colorful laceups with contrast laces.
Normal shoe brands typically stop at size 13, TucciPolo has expanded its offering up to size 18. Mbiamnize said the company can even fill special orders up to size 22. The made-in-Italy collection retails for $455 to $2,900 for men’s dress shoes and $200 to $400 for casuals. The founder noted that for an extra $60, any style can be made in the new extended sizes.

According to Mbiamnizewho designs the collection himself., “NBA players, celebrities and many other men and women simply find themselves unable to walk into a typical store to buy Italian leather shoes off the rack,” said “This can be frustrating for people with larger feet who want to enjoy the same high quality and style the smaller-footed population has access to.”
TucciPolo’s stingray style with suede trim.

You can visit the site here to shop their latest collection.

Culled: Footwearnews.


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The shoes look really nice. Good Idea.
I'm wondering, why is it not a Nigerian luxury shoes but Italian luxury shoe own by a Nigerian. What is the difference?
Lovely post dear :)
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WOW, looks awesome, great content.
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I wonder ooo!!! @sauniya

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Very interesting.
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Those shoes look absolutely classy and well made! =)

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Lovely shoes
Keep up the good work glowyshoes your blog is nice

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Lovely shoes
Keep up the good work glowyshoes your blog is nice said...

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